WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Journal of Preventive Medicine> 2001> 11> 2

Volume: 11 Issue: 2

1. Situation of cholera outbreak and prevention at Nghe An province in 2000 Page:46—48
2. Knowledge, attitude, practice survey (KAP) on liver disease, hepatitis B and EPI at Thanh Hoa Page:18—23
3. Personal sample and risk assessment of lead poisoning in foundry workers Page:59—60
4. Actual situation and changes of household food and nutrition security in Bai Say commune, Hung Yen province 1997-1999. Page:25—31
5. Some achievements of malarial, Parasitological and entomological profession in the past decade (1991 to 2000), and orientations for the next decade (2001-2010) Page:5—10
6. Common causes of women genital infection at Khanh Son district, Khanh Hoa province Page:86—89
7. Investigation on circulation and mutation of Sabin poliovirus strains isolated from AFP cases and from OP-vaccineated healthy children Page:28—35
8. The relationship between weight gain during pregnancy, birth weight and IQ of children after 5 years delivery Page:14—19
9. A primarily study on the hygience condition and myopia in school ages of two primary schools in Ha Noi Page:36—41
10. Decrease of malaria cases among ethnic communities by use of permethrine - impregnated bednets Page:26—31
11. Field experiment on efficiency of "Olyset" net in control and prevention of malaria vector at Song Be province Page:71—77
12. Situation of measles in the Northern region of Vietnam, 2000 Page:11—15
13. A measles outbreak at the beginning of the year 2000 in Dong Thap province Page:65—67
14. Quality of hepatitis B vaccine derived from human plasma produced from 1997 to 1999 in Vietnam Page:63—66
15. Evaluation of the effectiveness of hepatitis B vaccine according to the different immunization strategies at Thanh Hoa Page:5—11
16. Monitoring the potency of oral polio vaccine (OPV) in the field in 1999 Page:53—55
17. The prospect of applying radiation technology cuting polysaccharide to produce new generation vaccine Page:79—82
18. Cloning of yeast Pichia pastoris coded synthesis of HBsAg DNA recombinant Page:40—45
19. Hepatitis C virus genotypes in Vietnam Page:39—43
20. Hypertension risk factors in people aged 15-75 in MeKong delta region Page:24—28
21. Assessement of the effectiveness of interventing solution in the enhancement for the knowledge of enviromental sanitary and people health for a mountainous commune, Bac Can province Page:61—64
22. Shigellosis in a suburban commune in Ha Noi Page:31—36