WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Journal of Practical Medicine> 2005> 517> 8

Volume: 517 Issue: 8

1. Experiment on using lectin extracted from seeds of abrus precatorius in identifying some viruses Page:3—4
2. Determining the norms of activities and times for nurses and technicians in Medical Center of Thanh Oai district, Ha Tay Page:5—7
3. Lympho fibrinogen - a risk factor for coronary artery diseases Page:7—9
4. Research the electro-acupuncture on the treatment of the syndrome of the Lumbago Page:10—12
5. Study on the antihypertensive problem in ischemic stroke patients with hypertension at the ICU-provincial general hospital of Quang Tri Page:12—15
6. Treating fibrolysis with streptokinase in the patients with acute myocardial infarction Page:15—18
7. Comparing the methods of early enteral nutrition to parenteral nutrition at severe traumatic patients Page:19—22
8. Comparing the blood gardenal concentration with clinical manifestations and the results of treating the acute gardenal-poisoned patients Page:22—25
9. Diagnosing and treating the peritonitis caused by pathological small intestine perforation in Viet Duc hospital during 5 years (1/1/2000-31/12/2004) Page:25—31
10. Some biochemical and haematological indexes of overweight and adiposis adults and elders in Thai Nguyen province Page:31—33
11. The quantity and qualification of nurses and delivers in medical units at Hanoi at 2004 Page:33—36
12. Study on smoking of underage children in Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh cities Page:36—37
13. Some remarks on endoscopic thyroidectomy with anterior breast wall and axillary approach: 2000 cases with nodules located in 1 lobe Page:38—41
14. To compare the outcome of diagnosis between ultrasonotomography and endoscopy to pick worm from bile duct at Viet Duc hospital Page:41—43
15. The role of computed tomography in the diagnosing bladder cancer Page:43—45
16. Epidemic of influenza A H5 N1 virus in humans occurred in South Vietnam Page:46—49
17. Treatment of depressive disorder Page:49—52
18. To evaluate the clinical manifestations, endocrine disorders end imaging features of pituitary adenomas Page:52—55
19. Clinical-descriptive characters of SARS in National Institute for Research on Tropical Medicine-Bach Mai Hospital Page:55—57
20. Skull defect cranioplasty after operation of traumatic brain injury with carbon composite "intost-2" Page:57—60
21. The results of treating grippe and pimple with traditional medicine formulations of "Ngan kieu tan" (Flos Lonicerae - Forsythia suspensa Vahland Powder) and “Cao tieu viem” (Inflammation Reduced Extract) Page:60—62
22. The proportion of gallstone and some its risk factors in Thai Binh Page:62—65
23. The compatibility and adequacy between clinical and hematological standards in the cases with Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever in An Giang in 2002 Page:65—69
24. The model of promotion of using services on maternal care and family planning in Nam Dong district, Thua Thien-Hue province Page:70—74
25. Study on the effects of the TT1 prescription in treating light and medium hypertension without blood lipid metabolic disorder Page:74—77
26. Clinical, paraclinical development and drug resistance proportion in the patients with replapsed lung tuberculosis Page:77—79
27. Diagnosis and treatment for abdominal injury through emergency laparoscopy Page:79—81
28. The efficiency of laparoscopy in treatment of infertility due to tubo-peritoneum Page:81—85
29. The initial evaluation of the model: “Teacher participates in Reproductive Health Education” for woman at disadvantageous areas in Dong Hy district, Thai Nguyen Page:85—88