WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Journal of Practical Medicine> 2005> 515> 7

Volume: 515 Issue: 7

1. Surveying the real situation in management the medical information at 7 poor communes of Nam Dong mountain district, Thua Thien - Hue Page:9—11
2. Comparison of the infected mouse brain by Nakayama and Beijing -1 strain for Japanese Encephalitis vaccine production Page:3—5
3. To evaluate the treatment of respiratory infection associated ventilator in head trauma patients Page:5—8
4. Upper ureteral calculi removal by retroperitoneal laparoscopic lithotomy (report of first 17 cases) Page:11—14
5. Study on clinical, paraclinical characteristics and treatment of coagulation disorder on patients with septic shock Page:15—17
6. Evaluation of the value of blood gas in thoraco-abdominal postoperation in newborns admitted to rehabilitation Department of Children N0 II hospital Page:17—21
7. Diagnosis and treatment of peritonitis caused by perforation of meckel’s diverticulum (5 cases) Page:33—37
8. Evaluation the situation of mortality in ICU of Bach Mai Hospital in 2003 and the first 6 months 2004 Page:37—40
9. A survey of the aerobic bacteria and antibiotic graph in gallstone at Thai Binh General Hospital Page:40—43
10. Study on the clinical characteristics, examination of cytology and the anatopathology of metastasis cervical lymph nodes in head – neck neoplasms and unknown metastasis cervical lymph nodes Page:44—48
11. Diagnosis and treatment of mastoiditis Page:48—50
12. Cranioplasty with frozen self-cranial bone had been performed in patients with skull defect after craniostomy Page:50—52
13. To evaluate functional recovery one year after the onset of stroke Page:53—55
14. The real situation of health of civil servants in Vietnamese electricity, 2004 Page:55—57
15. Situation of Puffer fish poisoning treated at the Intensive care unit of Hue Central hospital for 5 years (from 2000 to 2004) Page:21—24
16. To investigate the changes of the basic elements of the blood arterial gases (ABG) on the elderly with acute respiratory failure due to pneumonia Page:24—27
17. Some initial assessments about pneumonia associated ventilator in 41 cases with mechanical ventilator at the ICU of E Hospital in 2004 Page:28—30
18. Study on the ability against to be readdicted of cedemex drug on rats of Morphine addiction Page:31—33
19. Comparison of the minimum inactivated time between the Nakayama and Beijing-1 strain of Japanese encephalitis (JE) virus Page:58—59
20. Experiences of treatment for Alopecia Areata by smearing HDM alcohol and Chloral salicilic solution Page:59—61
21. Study on the effects of germicide solution soaking the operative washing brush Page:62—65
22. Study on the causes and the diagnosis of infertility due to blocked Fallopian tubes Page:65—68
23. Evaluation the initial results in treatment inguinal hernia by laparoscopic extraperitoneal method Page:68—71
24. The value of AFP with lectins affinity in the diagnosis, distinguishable diagnosis, and observation the effects of treatment hepatocellular carcinoma Page:71—74
25. Study on clinic character and confused psychology in farmers who growing tea in Song Cau state-run farm and Minh Lap commune, Dong Hy district, Thai Nguyen province Page:74—76
26. The relation between age, sex, profession to the harm of cigarette in smokers Page:77—79
27. The clinical symtoms and the characteristics for forming of esophageal carcinoma by computed tomography Page:79—82
28. Continous Renal Replacement Therapy in intensive care unit of Cho Ray hospital Page:85—88
29. Experimental study on model of community based management for intergrated activities in health communication and education in Tam Cuong commune, Vinh Bao district, Hai Phong province Page:88—92
30. Evaluation of the changes in knowledge, attitudes, practice for HIV/AIDS and drugs in 8 major communes of Thai Nguyen province during 2002-2004 Page:6—8