WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Journal of Practical Medicine> 2005> 512> 5

Volume: 512 Issue: 5

1. Remarks on the effects of Polidocanol solution in the treatment of endoscopic peptic bleeding ulcer Page:52—54
2. Evaluation of the effectiveness of menorrhagia treatment with rigevidon at Newborn & Mother Protection Hospital Page:54—56
3. Study on the effect of Cedemex on symptoms of stoping syndrome of morphin addicted white house mouse Page:56—57
4. Effectiveness of community based campaign for larvae reduction in Ben Tre province Page:57—61
5. The new advantages in treatment of endodontics Page:61—63
6. Evaluation of implementation of the equitableness policy in health care service Page:63—64
7. Alcohol, beer and injury accident Page:64—65
8. Computed tomographic angiography: diagnosis and pre-therapy evaluation of intracranial aneurysms Page:66—69
9. The relationship between some clinical expressions and tests with decreaced TCD4 cells in HIV/AIDS patients Page:69—71
10. The status of melasma in non- pregnant women Page:71—73
11. The status of nutrition of woman and children under 5 years old in a mountainous commune Page:73—75
12. Exacerbated fast arrhythmia and Wolff - Parkinson syndrome at Cardiovascular Department of Hai Ba Trung Hospital from January 1996 to August 1999 Page:76—79
13. Evaluation of preliminary outcomes in rehabilitation of hemiplegia patients caused by cerebral stroke events (encephalomalacia type) stage 1 by movement massage approach Page:79—81
14. Comparison of 2 invasive or non-invasive blood pressure measuring methods in shock patients Page:82—85
15. Study on the present and resistance of E.coli in some specimens of surgical infection Page:3—6
16. Preliminary study on the effectiveness of International Competitive Bids (ICB) for pharmaceuticals in Vietnam Page:85—87
17. The knowledge for effect of tobacco in woman living in HoChiMinh city in 2004 Page:8—10
18. Clinical characteristic, pulmonary ventilation changes in silicatosis patients Page:10—13
19. Study on acute and subchronic toxicity of “thach vi gia giam” liquid ointment Page:13—15
20. Clinical features and prognostic factors of hospital acquired pneumonia in adults Page:15—17
21. Remarks on electroencephalogram (EEG) images in epilepsy patients caused by advanced cranio-cerebral trauma Page:88—89
22. The exploratory methods in diagnosis of hyperplasia Page:17—18
23. A case of difficult endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy caused by thick-sticky pleural cavity Page:89—90
24. The experience of treating Zona with Amitriptyline at Dermatology Department of Military Central Hospital No108 Page:19—21
25. Preliminary study on the changes of daytime blood pressure in some advanced chronic renal failure, dialysis patients with hypertension Page:21—23
26. Osteoarthritis and some related factors in farmers at the age of over 40 years old in Cam Giang district, Hai Duong province Page:23—25
27. The status of renal dysfunction after open cardiac surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass Page:26—28
28. The experience of treating Canida Albicans fungus with Sporal at Dermatology Department of Central Military Hospital 108 Page:28—30
29. A high activity restriction enzyme recognizing GCGC Page:30—32
30. The prevalence of allergic rhinitis in workers of Garment Factory 369 in ThaiBinh province Page:32—34
31. Study on some clinical characteristics and surgical treatment in acute necrotic pancreatitis Page:34—37
32. Remarks on anthropomentrical indicators of nutrition status of 446 old employees, who were examined at the Huu Nghi Hospital from September 2004 to January 2005 Page:38—40
33. Clinical significance of hepatitis B virus genotypes in patients with acute viral hepatitis B Page:40—43
34. Evaluation of the results of Achilles tendon suture technique with Tcherneiski approach at Hospital 87 from February 2002 to April 2004 Page:43—44
35. Some clinical characteristics and care of diabetes- induced foot ulcers Page:44—46
36. Remarks on the results of mentocervical angle reconstruction in 100 cases with contractile scars on faciocervical area Page:46—49
37. An early pregnancy test Page:49—51