WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Journal of Practical Medicine> 2005> 510> 4

Volume: 510 Issue: 4

1. Epidemiological characteristics of traumatic injuries at Red River Delta Region Page:3—4
2. Some factors influenced on the KAP of anti-leprosy health workers in the disability prevention for leprosy patients at Daklak, in the year 2004 Page:5—7
3. Intraventricular hemorrhage due to closed head injury Page:7—9
4. Evaluating the implementation of national benchmarks in health care at commune level in the period 2001-2010 Page:9—11
5. Motorcycle-related injury in Vietnam Page:11—14
6. Current implementation of government policies for local health care staff Page:14—15
7. Some remarks on the study of 120 men with diabetes type 2 Page:16—17
8. Study on some characteristics of menopausal period of Tu Liem women in the year 2004 Page:18—19
9. A method for sudy and assessment of non-communicable disease risk factors – STEPWise approach Page:20—21
10. Evaluating nutritional status and health care for patients with nasogastric feeding tubes Page:21—23
11. Remarks on the effectiveness of hypertonic saline-epinephrine solution and polidocanol solution in the treatment of bleeding peptic ulcer Page:23—25
12. Fluor concentration in water and the rate of dental carries of the 3rd grade pupils at 5 primary schools in Bac Can province Page:26—27
13. Dental carries and oral hygiene knowledge and practice of 12-years-old pupils at some secondary schools in Hai Duong city Page:27—29
14. Apropos of one case of upper limb spasticity treated by botulinum toxin type A (Dysport) Page:29—32
15. Application of 5-word test in the screening for cognitive disorder of elderly people Page:32—34
16. Primary outcomes of ampullary resection, bile ductoplasty and pancreatic ductoplasty through incision of D2 duodenum Page:35—37
17. Survey of community awareness about the risk and preventability of childhood injuries and accidents Page:37—42
18. Development situation of clinical study on traditional Chinese medicine for treating chronic renal failure Page:42—44
19. Laparoscopic surgery performed at Hue Central Hospital: evaluation on 1161 cases Page:44—47
20. H.pylori infection status in gastroduodenal ulcer patients and primary evaluations of bacterial antibiotic sensibility at Can Tho General Hospital Page:47—49
21. Depression disorder in Ho Chi Minh City Page:49—51
22. Evaluation of renal transplantation results at Hue Central Hospital Page:51—54
23. The association of carotid atherosclerosis and coronary lesion in angina patients Page:54—57
24. Outcomes of laparoscopic appendectomy at Hue Central Hospital Page:58—61
25. Study on allergic reactions of cosmetic products at Department of Allergology – Clinical Immunology and National Institute of Dermatology and Venerology in Bach Mai Hospital Page:61—64
26. Endometriosis of perineal scar Page:64—66
27. Study the origin of acute enterotoxigenic E.coli diarrhea in children aged 0-5 years old Page:66—68
28. Remarks on some cases of acute rejection of transplanted kidneys at Hue Central Hospital Page:68—70
29. Primary survey of sharp object-related occupational accidents at some health clinics in Hanoi Page:70—73
30. Evaluation of in vitro anti-bacterial effects of juice of Laotian tender buds (Eupatorium odoratum Linn) on some enterobacteria Page:73—74
31. Efficacy of cold magnesium sulfate saturated pad in nursing care after episiotomy Page:75—76
32. Study on computed tomography images in intraventricular hemorrhage Page:77—79
33. Apropos of one case of successful treating for ventrical fibrillation and cardiac arrest during performance of percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty and stenting in acute myocardial infarction patient Page:79—81
34. Some remarks on glucose tolerance disorder in labouring women at Nam Dinh Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital Page:82—85
35. Comparison of bioavailability of rifampicin in fixed dose combination (3-FDC) with standard separate tablet Page:85—88
36. Remarks on clinical characteristics in 32 differentiated thyroid carcinoma patients treated at Hospital K from October 2002 to May 2003 Page:88—90
37. Evaluation of efficacy of rigevidon in treating pubertal menorrhagia at Institute for Protection of Mother and Newborn Page:91—92
38. Treating hyperhidrosis by endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy at Hospital No 103 Page:92—94
39. Evaluation of nutritional status and some related factors in children under 5 years old at 2 communes of Tien Giang province Page:95—96