WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Journal of Practical Medicine> 2005> 505> 3

Volume: 505 Issue: 3

1. The clinical characteristics of multi acute psychosis disorder without the symptom of schizophrenia Page:44—46
2. Plasma concentraion of rifampicin in smear-positive pulmonary tuberculosis patients using fixed-dose combination drugs Page:46—49
3. Investigations about the left ventricular diastolic dysfunction of the hypertensive patients in Binh dinh general hospital Page:49—51
4. To learn some social-psychological factors relating to drug addiction of the teenage at Ba vi drug addiction rehabilitation center, Ha noi Page:52—54
5. Risk fators of stunting in some communes of ecological regions in Viet Nam Page:55—58
6. To survey on the bacterial cause infected wound and the sensitiveness with antibiotic of isolate microbial strain at surgical department, Can tho General Hospital Page:58—59
7. Some factors affect to children go to kindergarten at the age from 3 to 5 in some provinces of the Mekong Delta Page:60—61
8. To learn on the functional changes of thrombocyte condensation in the elders Page:62—63
9. The real situation of HIV/AIDS counselling services in Hanoi and recommendations Page:65—69
10. Studies on uticaris and quincke edema due to allergy of medications Page:69—72
11. Surgical treatment outcomes of angle splint use for trochanteric hip fractures Page:72—74
12. Assessment of sliding insulin use in the treatment of new onset hyperglycemia cause by stress in emergency patients without diabetes Page:74—77
13. Features of hallucinations in schizophrenia Page:77—79
14. Comment on the situation of vomer trauma in 3 years at Dak Lak hospital (2001-2003) Page:80—82
15. Some alteration on complexion and speed of flow on femoral artery by on coloured ultrasound doppler on primarittive hypertention combination with diabetes Page:82—83
16. Situation, clinical characteristics and the value of PCR in diagnosis of urogenital chlamydia infection Page:83—86
17. The relationship between learning sitting position and the suffering from spinal deformation of pupils in Hanoi in 2004-2005 school-year Page:86—88
18. Imperdance index and PI of renal arteries in patients with chronic renal failure degree III,IV Page:88—89
19. Knowledge, attitude and behavior of risk factor HIV/AIDS in the teenage from 15 to 24 years in the key area of Ha Tinh province Page:90—92
20. Feeding practices and some factors effect on nutrition status of children 1-24 months old in Thang Binh and Nui Thanh Districts, Quang Nam provice Page:3—7
21. The experience of treatment for zona by acyclovir at Demartology Department, Army Hospital No108 Page:7—10
22. Evaluate the effect of education in the depressive disorder treatment Page:10—12
23. Study on situation of congenital malformation of newborns at Gynecology and Obstetrics Department, Bach mai Hospital from 1/1/1999 to 30/9/2003 and some related factors Page:12—15
24. To study allergic dermatitis of in-patients at the Department of Allergology and Clinical Immunology in Bach Mai Hospital (1999-2003) Page:16—18
25. Study the new incidence of tuberculosis AFB(+) in the year of 2000 and the observation till 2004 at 20 villages in 5 districts, Hung Yen province Page:18—20
26. Images and parameters of lower extremity arteries by Doppler ultrasound in normal group subjects Page:21—23
27. Study on Influenza and other viruses cause of acute respiratory infectious disease in 2001, Hanoi Page:23—26
28. High resolution computed tomography (HRCT) images defined reticulo-nodullar opacities in lower zone of the lung bilaterally consistant with pulmonary lymphangitic carcinomatosis Page:92—94
29. Report on endodontic treatment result with duration 1 year Page:96—99
30. The situation of nutrition and eating habit of resident students in Thai Nguyen Medical College in the new period Page:96—99
31. Nasal papilome: pathohistological and clinical manifestations Page:99—100
32. Study on the situation and the clinical characteristic of zona patients who treated as out-patient at Dermatology derpartment, Army hospital No 108 Page:27—29
33. Study some clinical characteristics, computed tomography images and the treated outcome of chronic subdural hematoma Page:30—31
34. Study effects of ENAT 400 (Natural vitamin E) on the wound healing time and wound healing quality in partthickness burned female patients Page:32—35
35. To evaluate the density on the upper part of femurs on elders by unigamma-plus Page:35—37
36. The evaluation of KAP on passive smoking and the approach level of education communication on the harms of smoking in 2003 Page:38—41
37. 3 cases for emergency with foreign body at their airway and esophagus rarely in Dak Lak hospital (22/11 to 9/12/2004) Page:41—43