WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Journal of Practical Medicine> 2005> 503> 2

Volume: 503 Issue: 2

1. Composition of urinary stone through analysing of 56 samples in Hue Page:42—44
2. Evaluation about effect of dust house through resullt of diagnosis and immunotherapy Page:44—48
3. Study on clinical characteristics, X-ray and lung acration in patients with co-morbid chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and bronchiectasis Page:50—52
4. Relationship between age, sex, occupation and knowledge on harmful effects of cigarettes and belief in warnings in pack of cigarettes of women, year 2004 Page:41—44
5. Study of 69 patients with venomous snakebite at Pediatric Hospital N01 Page:55—58
6. Applying of radioactive immune quantitative method in evaluation result of treatment I-131 in patients with Basedow’s disease Page:59—60
7. Status of soliosis disease in pupils in Ha Noi city Page:60—61
8. Effect of hospital waste of Quang Nam Hospital on community health Page:62—65
9. Some comments about magnetic resonance image for cervical disc displacement Page:65—68
10. Diagnosis of the fetal congenital malformations by screening sonography and clinical treatment for these fetal congenital malformations at Ob-Gyn Department of Bachmai Hospital Page:10—13
11. Study on knowledge and practice in vaccination of mothers having child from 12 to 23 months at 4 districts of Ha Tinh province in 2004 Page:14—17
12. Acceptability of medical abortion in women living in Ho Chi Minh city Page:35—37
13. study of side effect of glucocorticoid in asthma patients at Allergic - MDLS Department of Bach mai hospital Page:2—4
14. Using PCR technique to multiply NS4 gene of hepatitis C virus by deep vent DNA polymerase enzyme Page:5—6
15. Diagnosis of allergic rhinitis Page:6—8
16. Some biological features of newborns deliveried at Obstetric and Gynecology Deparment of Bach Mai Hospital during 5 years from 1995 to 1999 Page:9—12
17. Situation of employee’s health in some factories using harmful chemical in production and interventional solutions Page:12—14
18. Contribute to evaluate response of pancreas after endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography Page:17—18
19. Study on clinical and laboratory symptoms in AIDS patients before death Page:18—20
20. Some factors influence the treatment outcomes for kidney stone with size from 20-50mm by MZ-ESWL VI Page:20—23
21. Desensitive treatment for Dermatophagodes pteronyssinus allergen in allergic rhinitis Page:24—27
22. Primary outcomes of trabeculectomy for corticoid-related glaucoma Page:28—28
23. Analysis of cytogenetic nature in 21 children with undescended testes Page:29—31
24. Clinical and paraclinical features of urinary tract infection in children at Children hospital 1 Page:31—33
25. Analysing result of cytogenetic tests in 24 patients with hypospadias in comparison with clinical and surgical diagnosis Page:33—35
26. Manufacture of MAC-ELISA applied in diagnosis of measles IgG antibody Page:38—39
27. Determining reasons of using private health services in people living in urban district 4 of Ho Chi Minh city Page:39—42