WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Journal of Practical Medicine> 2005> 0> 6

Volume: 0 Issue: 6

1. Appendiceal mucocele Page:18—20
2. Effect of methotrexate (MTX) on daily dose in treating psoriasis at the Dermatological Department of the Army Central Hospital Page:21—23
3. Study on the change of lung artery pressure in the patients with silicosis Page:23—26
4. Study on the risks of low birth weight in Thanh Mien district, Hai Duong province in 2003-2004 Page:26—29
5. Investigating tolerance ability for early enteral nutrition in severe burned patients Page:31—33
6. Study on the risk factors of malaria infection among people has regular forest activity in one province central Vietnam Page:33—36
7. Using progestin on treating endometrial hyperplasia Page:36—37
8. Influence of early enteral nutrition on complication and mortality rate in severe burned patients Page:37—41
9. The increase of drug resistance of hospital pneumonia bacteria in relapsed patients or unsuccessful treated old patients Page:42—46
10. Evaluation of safety and potency of Japanese encephalitis vaccine produced by Beijing-1 strai Page:46—48
11. Study on plasma concentration of rifampicin in smear-positive re-treatment pulmonary tuberculosis patients after administration Page:49—51
12. Endoscopic surgery in treating inguinal hernia Page:51—53
13. Nutritional status of pregnant women and intrauterine growth retardation in Can Tho 2004 Page:53—56
14. Diagnosing and treating spontaneous bacterial peritonitis in Viet Duc Hospital (from 1/2000 to 12/2004) Page:56—61
15. Knowledge and practice on HIV/AIDS infection prevention of public security cadres policemen in Hanoi Page:61—65
16. Evaluating on improving life quality of children with motional disability after plastic surgery at Kim Son, Ninh Bình 12/2004 Page:61—65
17. Evaluating the effect of "Huu Qui Hoan" prescription in treating erection disorder (caused of kidney diseases) Page:61—65
18. Evaluating effect on treating hypertension in some patients with chronic renal failure, dialysis and treated in the 108 Hospital Page:71—72
19. Relations between knowledge and attitude toward weight gain during pregnancy and actual weight gain of pregnant women in Can Tho, 2004 Page:72—75
20. Knowledge on harm of smoking in adolescent from 12 to 19 years old in Da Nang city in 2004 Page:75—77
21. Study on drug addiction ability of cemedex in experiments with white mice Page:78—79
22. Effects of environment in machinery handcraft villages on health of workers Page:80—82
23. Evaluating the glomerule filter function with the conjecture formulas: Cockcroft-Gault, Jelliffe, Mawer, Bjornsson, Gates Page:82—85
24. Clinical characters and the results of treating fast heart rhythm disorders Page:86—87
25. Study on hypertension in leaders in Thai Binh province Page:87—89
26. Evaluating antimicrobial resistance of viruses causing of pneumonia in patients with trauma and active recovered by aided respiration in Intensive care unit Page:93—94
27. Effect of the endoscopic treatment and the treatment with imdur for the patients with cirrhosis and high risk on digest bleed, because of oesophagus varicose Page:95—96
28. Chemical components analysis and morphology observation of virus in Japanese encephalitis vaccine produced from Beijing strain Page:3—5
29. Evaluating the change of outside respiration indexes caused of outside epidural and under arachnoideal anesthesia using marcain-fentanyl during surgery of lumbar herniated disk Page:5—7
30. Multiplication Coefficient of Polyscias fruticosa (L.) Harms under influence of the growth regulators Page:8—9
31. Comparing the treatment of menorrhagia caused of typical endometrial hyperplasia by progestin and some other methods Page:10—11
32. Situation on retroperitoneal endoscopic surgery in the treatment of upper urethral gravel Page:11—13
33. Study on serum insulin concentration in type II diabetic patients Page:13—15
34. To determine the risk factors of post operative renal dysfunction (RD) in open heart surgery under CPB Page:15—18