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Volume: 0 Issue: 12

1. Real situation of endogenous endophthalmitis at Department of Glaucoma, National hospital of Ophthalmology Page:1—6
2. Study on microbiology agent characteristics causing reproductive tract infections in married women at some communities of Ha Tay province Page:43—45
3. Evaluating the quality of making orthotics and prostheties by appropriate technology in community-based rehabilitation program in Vietnam Page:46—48
4. Study on the changes of blood - lipid ratio in primary nephrotic syndrom before and after treatment Page:49—50
5. Evaluating KAP belong to 12 basic household health care skills for mothers with children under 5 year old at Mai Son and Vinh Bao districts Page:51—55
6. To remark about magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of intra-dural Meningiomas and schwannomas Page:55—57
7. Clinical characteristics of pulmonary abscess patients were treated in Respiratory department of Bach Mai hospital from 1999 to 2003 Page:57—59
8. Apply GIS technology and geographical information system in monitoring and predicting malaria risks in Ham Thuan Nam distric, Binh Thuan province Page:59—61
9. Investigating the demands of the older's social-medical care at An Hai district, Hai Phong city Page:62—65
10. Investigating the oro-dental disease in adults living in the Middle - Central Coastal areas Page:65—67
11. Study on acceptable situation in buying contraceptive pills at Ha Noi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh city Page:67—70
12. The financial resources in health sector Page:70—72
13. Preliminary study on the plasmids containing genes to encode antibiotic resistance of Shigella Flexneri strains isolated in Vietnam Page:72—74
14. To assess the changes in knowledge of women about health care services at some commune health stations of Ba Vi district, Ha Tay province Page:79—80
15. Study on bacterium casing community - accquired pneumonia in respiratory department in Bach Mai hospital Page:4—6
16. Correlation between clinical characters, lymphocyte and CD4+ lymphocyte quantity in peripheral blood of HIV patients Page:6—9
17. To assess the results of melasma treatment by bleaching hydroquinon in combination with retinoid acid and sun cream Page:9—10
18. Study on heart lesions of mitral valve disease with indicated transesophagel heart ultrasonic surgery Page:11—14
19. Preliminary remark about the value of thoracoscopy in diagnosis and treatment recurrent pleurorrhea and pneumothorax Page:15—18
20. Remark clinical epidemiology and treatment of zygomatic fractures in Oto-rhino-laryngologie hospital, Hanoi Page:18—21
21. The kinds of health insurances: current situation and development ability Page:21—23
22. To evaluate abortion rate and family planning methods at National Obstetrics Gynecology hospital in 2004 Page:26—29
23. Nutrition situation, morbidity and weight gain of pregnancies at Vinh Bao district, Hai Phong city in 2001 Page:29—32
24. Sensitive characteristics with biotic of hospital-acquired pneumonia bacteria at Thong Nhat hospital (12/2003-9/2004) Page:33—35
25. Remark about magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) characteristics of 2 common spinal intramedullary tumor types: ependymomas and astrocytomas Page:35—37
26. Study on parathyroid gland function in chronic renal failure patients at stage 4 without cycle dialysis Page:37—39
27. Study on the morbidity of eye disease of workers in Nghe Tinh port: offering some preventive treatment solutions Page:40—42
28. Antihypertensive effect of manidipine hydrochloride (Madiplot) in Hanoi Huu Nghi Hospital (2001-2002) Page:44—47
29. Study on respiratory functions of the workers in some cement and asbestos factories, giving the methods for reducing respiratory diseases Page:47—49
30. Primary results on Longo surgery on hemorrhoids treatment Page:49—53
31. The role of CRP on blood inflammation in the severe burned patients Page:54—56
32. Actual situation of quality of medicines, which is used in Lao Cai province during 2000-2001 Page:56—58
33. Researching some of clinical characters of genital septic in candida and Trichomonas vaginalis infected women were examined at Thai Binh medical college hospital in 2004-2005 Page:59—61
34. Study on accessibility and using some services for population health care in the Thua Thien-Hue province in 2003 year Page:3—5
35. Some risk factors of HIV infection of prisoners in the QN prison-Ministry of Public Security in 2004 Page:5—9
36. Evaluating painkilling effects by lidocain hydroaccupuncture and vitamines B1, B6, B12 in coordinating with root treatment medicines and pathogenic mechanism in pain treatment Page:93—94
37. Some remarks of Hydrosyringomyelie treatmean Page:13—15
38. Evaluating risk of solvents for the worker's health in some producing units and solutions Page:16—19
39. Actual situation of using of borax and color additives in some traditional food products in Ha Tay Page:19—22
40. Identifying standard time and demands on doctors for clinical departments at Health Central of Thanh Oai district, Ha Tay province Page:22—24
41. Study on using medical services in families in Hoa Lu district, Ninh Binh Page:24—26
42. Effect of the solutions in changing technology on reducting waste gases pollution in the Ha Bac Company for introgenous fertilizers and chemicals Page:27—29
43. Effect of preventive treatment of cefuroxim (zinacef) made in India and England in gynecological surgery Page:29—32
44. Study of experiences in using south medicines of Van Kieu ethnic minority in Dakrong district, Tay Nguyen province Page:32—36
45. Study on the relation between atrophic gastritis and helicobacter pylori Page:36—38
46. Study on in vivo antibacterian effects of the "Bach Thuan" remedy to Staphylococcus Aureus and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Page:39—41
47. Using FAB and PYG in coordinating with PCR on culturing, isolating and identifying enterotoxigenic bacteroides fragilis Page:42—44
48. Situation of nutrition of workers in oil and gas sea objects of Joint Ventura Vietsovpetro Page:62—64
49. The effectiveness of preventive model for treating reproductive tract inflammation for women at reproductive age by propaganda in combination with treatment at 4 communes of Ha Tay provi Page:64—66
50. Combining optical cystolithotripsy and transurethral prostatectomy: The results on 63 cases Page:66—69
51. Situation on gynecological infections of the lower reproductive track among ever married women of reproductive age in Thien Phuoc district, Quang Nam province in 2004 Page:69—71
52. Evaluating health education on hypertension in Dong Thap Medical-postal Center Page:71—73
53. Knowledge and attitude of health workers of Phu Luong district, Thai Nguyen province to practicing and using traditional medicine Page:74—76
54. Evaluating method of quantifying specific antibodies IgE in serum for asthma diagnosis Page:77—79
55. The cause of acute diarrhea is rotavirus: Fast rota/adeno combistick testing Page:79—80
56. Study on size of maxillary sinuses by multislice computed tomography Page:81—83
57. Some behaviors of individual sanitation in 3 districts of Ha Giang and Tuyen Quang provinces Page:83—86
58. Study on working positions by using checklist Page:86—87
59. Endoscopy sinus surgery in Post Hospital II from 2/2003 to 6/2005 Page:87—90
60. Determining enteroaggreative escherichia coli infection proportion in children manure in Ha Noi Page:90—92