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Volume: 11 Issue: 6

1. Study on the establishment of international comparable chinese hospital management survey system Page:1—7
2. The impact of public hospital performance evaluation policies on the hospital internal perform-ance management:A comparative case study based on Beijing and Shanghai Page:8—13
3. The present situation of hospital efficiency evaluation in China:Based on bibiometrics analysis Page:14—20
4. The effect of private hospitals development on the operational efficiency of public hospitals in Chi-na:An empirical analysis based on the Malmquist-Tobit method Page:21—28
5. A study on the effect of the Luohu healthcare group reform:An analysis based on the employees'perspective Page:29—34
6. A study on the effect of the Luohu healthcare group reform:An analysis based on the patients'perspective Page:35—39
7. Integrated health service in Canada:Practice and implications Page:40—46
8. Evaluation and analysis of cross-institutional collaboration models for chronic diseases serv-ices:A survey of medical personnel Page:47—51
9. Impact of social stigma and discriminatory experience on mental health of new generation mi-grant workers:An analysis of the mediating effects incurred from several factors Page:52—61
10. On-campus bullying of 9th grade students and its impacts on health:An empirical analysis based on China education panel survey Page:62—67
11. An empirical study on physicians'willingness to adopt online medical service platform and its influencing factors Page:68—73
12. Online review of medical services:Experiences from the UK and US and their implications to China Page:74—80