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Volume: 11 Issue: 3

1. The reform of legal system on the construction and reflection of the logic of actions of all parties in the medical litigation:An empirical study of 404 cases about 6 three-A hospitals in D city Page:1—10
2. Study on the main problems affecting the harmony between doctors and patients and its impor-tance in China Page:11—14
3. The effect of physicians' occupational risk cognition on defensive medical behavior in China Page:15—19
4. Stakeholder analysis of no-fault compensation system on medical damages Page:25—28
5. Competition-based cooperation:Reconciliation of interests in Accountable Care Organizations in the United States Page:29—36
6. Policy analysis of health system reform in Luohu district of Shenzhen City Page:37—41
7. Collaboration among health workers in multi-level health institutions from the perspective of health workers:A case study of three counties in Jiangsu province Page:42—45
8. Analysis of the financing policy of integrating NCMS and URBMI:Based on the perspective of equity Page:46—50
9. An analysis on formation mechanism and balance affiliation between health insurance payment standard and market price Page:51—55
10. Efficiency evaluation of China's heath resources allocation under medical expense control constraint Page:56—63
11. Efficient and equitable of health resources allocation in China:Problem discovery and policy path Page:64—71
12. The analysis of low cost medicine's accessibility in China: Based on the empirical study from 24 provinces and cities Page:72—77
13. The current situation of the drug supply and determinants of drug shortage in primary health centers:A case study of Anhui Province Page:78—82