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Volume: 11 Issue: 2

1. Empirical study on the effect of health migration:Trend and influencing factors of health sta-tus of young migrants Page:1—9
2. Study on influencing factors of the choice of hospitalization behaviors among agricultural trans-fer population Page:10—16
3. Influencing factors of basic public health service utilization of the migrant elderly Page:17—22
4. The choice of demand, supply, utilization and health promotion strategy of migrant popula-tion:A perspective of behavioral model of medical service utilization Page:23—29
5. Study on influencing factors on willingness about basic initial diagnosis of patients in medical alliance in Beijing Page:30—36
6. The current situation and effectiveness evaluation of medical staff's participation in medical al-liances in Beijing Page:37—43
7. Evolutionary game of resources integration on secondary hospital and tertiary hospital in tiered medical care system Page:44—51
8. Study on longitudinal integration of medical service resources considering patients' preference in tiered medical care system Page:52—58
9. A layout planning methodology of increasing the designated medical insurance drugstores guided by fairness and efficiency Page:59—63
10. The empirical study on the methodology of increasing the designated medical insurance drug-stores:Ideas,steps and effect forecasts Page:64—68
11. Capability and spatial accessibility of the emergency service at township hospitals in Fushun county,Sichuan Page:69—73
12. Are medical undergraduate really unwilling to apply for clinic medicine speciality? Based on the quality of 5-year medical undergraduates Page:74—77