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Volume: 11 Issue: 12

1. The influence and cohesion suggestions of the MAH system on the current regulatory systems Page:1—6
2. The analysis and countermeasures of the overcharge problem of highly valued medical consumables in China Page:7—11
3. Study on the availability of pediatric essential medicines in China: Based on the surveys in 19 provinces Page:12—18
4. Analysis on current situation and the stakeholder's attitude of PBM pilot in China :A case in Wuhu city of Anhui province Page:19—23
5. Analysis of the design ideas for "One community health center, One district hospital and One municipal hospital" contract service mechanism of family doctor in Shanghai and its barrier a-nalysis during implementation Page:24—28
6. The effects of family doctors' contracting servics on the integration of medical care and prevention Page:29—34
7. Evolutionary game of resources integration on rural basic medical institution in family physician signing model Page:35—44
8. Coordination mechanism of medical insurance payment system and salary system reform in public hospitals :An expectancy theory analysis on paid physician behavior Page:45—50
9. Comprehensive comparison of the methods for determining the salary level of doctors in public hospitals in China Page:51—55
10. Study on the current situation and allocation equity of China's nursing human resources Page:56—61
11. Practice and exploration of the tuition-free medical students' in rural areas of Sichuan province Page:62—67
12. How does the world's most efficient healthcare system respond to the challenge? Hong Kong's health governance system, healthcare system reform and implications for mainland China Page:68—74