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Volume: 11 Issue: 1

1. Exploration of the transformation of medical insurance system to health security system under Healthy China Page:2—5
2. Reconsideration on the premium policy of medical insurance for retired workers and its theo-retical disputes in China Page:6—12
3. Experience and reference to China's trans-provincial healthcare from European cross-border healthcare management Page:13—20
4. Policy reconstruction of elderly spouse caregivers from the perspectives of the theory"produc-tive engagement in later life" Page:21—27
5. Measurement of the Chinese's social health and its influencing factors:Based on MIMIC struc-tural equation model Page:28—36
6. Modern hospital management system in a new era:Evolving pathways and policy linkings Page:37—41
7. Problems and countermeasures of physician multi-sited license based on the Grounded Theory:A perspective of the doctors Page:42—47
8. Selection of policy tools for constructing tiered medical care system: A Quantitative analysis based on provincial government policy text Page:48—52
9. Cognitive status and impact of tiered medical care system implementation on medical staff Page:53—57
10. The reform and faith regained:A study on the changes of medical and health policy under the framework of initiative alliance Page:58—66
11. International experiences and implications for education and training of health professionals in rural areas Page:67—75
12. A comparison of ARIMA Model, BP Neural Network Model and combined model in health policy evaluation:An empirical study of public hospitals pricing reform Page:76—83