Volume: 29 Issue: 5

1. Cone-shaped Moxa Moxibustion Treating Herpes Zoster and Its Mechanism Page:477—479
2. Experimental Study on the Influence of NaF on the Proliferation and Differentiation of Osteroblasts Page:471—473
3. Analysis of the Results of Serum Pre-S1 Antigen and HBV DNA Detection Page:466—468
4. MR Diagnosis of Brain Metastases from Lung Carcinoma Page:464—465
5. Sevoflurane Enhances γ-aminobutyric Acid Gated-chloride Current in Cultured Neuron from Rat Dorsal Root Ganglia Page:458—460
6. Par Plana Vitrectomy in the Treatment of Combined Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment and Choroidal Detachment Page:456—457
7. Expression and Prognostic Significance of CD44v6 in Advanced Cervical Cancer Page:448—449
8. Study on Safety and Feasibility of Termination of Early Pregnancy with Cicatrix Uterus by Combined Use of Mifepristone and Misoprostol Page:445—447
9. Changes of Activity of Placental Villus Cytochrome C Oxidase in Pregnant Women with Preeclampsia Page:439—441
10. Evaluation of Angiographic Diagnosis and Interventional Therapy in Patients with Massive Hemobilia Page:434—436
11. The Distribution of EGFR and TGF-α in Human Renal Carcinoma Tissues and Its Implication Page:420—422
12. Effect of Mifepristone on Production of Pl asminogen Activators and Progesterone in Rat Reproductive System Page:402—404
13. Effect of Microinjection of GABA into Parabrachial Nuclei in Rats on Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Page:391—393
14. A Modified Culture Method for Porcine Pulmonary Trunk Smooth Muscle Cells Page:383—384
15. Native and Oxidized Lipoproteins Induced the Expression of Macrophage Inflammatory Protein 1α and Vascul ar Cell Adhesion Molecule 1 in the Cultured Human Endothelial Cells Page:380—382
16. Antibiotic Resistance of Bacteria Isolated from Bile Specimens Page:469—470,479