Volume: 26 Issue: 4

1. Manifestation of cardiac troponin in non-coronary heart diseases Page:457—460
2. Therapeutic effect of behavioral nursing on patients with atherosclerotic stenosis after percutaneous coronary intervention Page:453—456
3. ECG diagnostic analysis of pacemaker-induced rapid arrhythmias Page:449—452
4. Therapeutic effect of atorvastatin on asymptomatic heart failure after myocardial infarction and its influence on prognosis Page:445—448
5. Therapeutic effect of pharyngeal treatment machine combined resuscitating acupuncture on dysphagia after stroke Page:437—441
6. Comparison of therapeutic effects on type 2 diabetes mellitus between GLP-1 receptor stimulant and DPP-4 inhibitor Page:434—437
7. Study for improving effect on ventricular structure and clinic effect of fasudil in patients with heart failure Page:431—434
8. Therapeutic effect of neuromuscular electrical stimulation combined swallowing training on dysphagia after stroke Page:428—431
9. Influence of trimetazidine on cardiac function, plasma levels of BNP and Hcy in patients with congestive heart failure Page:424—427
10. Therapeutic effects of sodium nitroprusside combined verapamil for no-reflow during percutaneous coronary intervention Page:416—419
11. Therapeutic effect of statins on patients with diabetes mellitus complicated atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases Page:413—416
12. Influence of tirofiban on endothelial cell function in patients with myocardial infarction undergoing emergency PCI Page:410—413
13. Influence of ticagrelor combined tirofiban on STEMI patients after PCI and their short-term prognosis Page:405—409
14. Influence of atorvastatin combined trimetazidine on levels of blood lipids, inflammatory factors and cardiac function in patients with coronary heart disease Page:398—401
15. Therapeutic effect of recombinant human brain natriuretic peptide on aged patients with acute decompensated heart failure Page:395—398
16. Correlation among serum UA, Hcy levels and coronary disease severity in aged patients with coronary heart disease Page:391—394
17. Correlation among blood lipids and main inflammatory factors levels in patients with coronary heart disease complicated hyperlipidemia Page:388—390
18. Correlation among plasma BNP, D-dimer levels and patient′s status in patients with acute pulmonary embolism Page:384—388
19. Correlation among serum vitamin D,folic acid and homocysteine levels in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus Page:378—380
20. Clinical characteristics and risk factors of young patients with coronary heart disease complicated metabolic syndrome Page:375—378
21. Clinical predictive value of serum hsCRP for risk of acute cerebral infarction Page:372—375
22. Therapeutic effect of individualized cognitive training on improving cognitive function in aged CHD patients after PCI Page:368—372
23. Relationship among plasma BNP level and cardiac function and prognosis in patients with acute heart failure Page:364—367
24. Change of lymphocyte KCa3.1 and CaN-NFAT signaling pathway in Kazak hypertensive patients from Xinjiang Page:355—359
25. Traditional Chinese medicine exercise therapy in cardiovascular rehabilitation field Page:460—462
26. Therapeutic effect of rosuvastatin combined clopidogrel bisulfate on patients with coronary heart disease Page:441—444
27. Therapeutic effect of atorvastatin on inflammatory factor levels and vascular endothelial function in patients with coronary heart disease Page:420—424
28. Preventive effect of alprostadil on contrast-induced nephropathy in high risk patients after PCI Page:402—405
29. Influence of relaxation training combined mindfulness therapy on PCI perioperative psychological stress and quality of life in aged CHD patients Page:381—384
30. Experimental study on regulating effect of protosappanin A on dendritic cell maturation and functional state Page:359—364