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Volume: Issue: 1

1. Fairness Evaluation Analysis on Pubic Health Resource Allocation in China:Empirical Analysis Based on the Benchmarks of Fairness Analysis Page:32—34
2. The Prospective and Simulation on the Financing Amount of Basic Medical Insurance in Liaoning Page:29—31
3. Demographic Structure, Environmental Quality and Resident Expenditureson Health Page:48—50
4. The Price Control Issues in Health Care (Part Three):The Price Control on Physician’s labor Page:42—44
5. The Measurement Analysis of Doctor Workload Based on the Analytic Hierarchy Process Page:39—41
6. Medical Insurance Affecting on the Health of the Elderly in China:based on the exmination of limited information of the maximum likelihood method Page:24—25
7. The Impact of Hospital Distance on the Chinese Inpatient Service Demand in Rural Areas:The Application of Discrete ;Choice Model Page:11—13
8. Discussion on Moral Hazard and Its Influences under China’s Health Care Reform Page:5—10
9. Restudy on Accounting Method of Community Health Services Cost Page:60—62
10. Discuss on Performance Executing and Problems of Repairing and Purchasing Special Fund in Central-level Medical Scientific Research Units Page:79—80
11. Empirical Analysis the Competitive Effects of Profit-making Hospitals Page:73—75
12. Study on Benefits of New Rural Cooperative Medical System in Anhui Page:66—67
13. Gaming Analysis on the Stakeholders of Catastrophic Medical Insurance Policy under the New Rural Cooperative Medical Page:63—65
14. The Situation and Problems Research on Immediate Settlement on Ecdemic Medical Care at Different Locations for Floating Population Page:26—28
15. The Theoretical and Empirical Study on the Demand of Rural Medical Services Based on Gravity Model Page:14—16