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Volume: 0 Issue: 12

1. The Development of Petroleum Microbiology in Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences Page:—
2. Progress on Escherichia coli AcrAB-TolC Multidrug Efflux Pump and Its Regulation Page:—
3. Hydrogen Production of Rhodospirillum rubrum Uptake Hydrogenase Deficient Mutant in Tubular Photobioreactor Page:—
4. Establishment of a Hydrogen-Producing Tubular Photobioreactor Page:—
5. Microbiological History and Microbiology Teaching Reform Page:—
6. The Establishment and Application of Anti-Pseudomonas aeruginosa Cell-based Screening Model Targeting to SecA Page:—
7. How to Denominate "Four Pathogens and One Bacterium" Page:—
8. The Discussion on the General Microbiology Course Arrangement for Pharmacy Specialty in Higher Vocational Colleges Page:—
9. Comparison of Rhizosphere Bacteria Diversity Between Fusarium Wilt Resistant and Susceptible Watermelon Page:—
10. Application Research on the Production of Ergosterol using Corn Straw Hydrolyzates Fermentation by Yeast Page:—
11. Isolation of Strain LW-3 Capable of Degrading Chlorimuron-ethyl and Its Biological Characteristics Page:—
12. Selection of Monascus with High Yellow Pigment Production Page:—
13. Characteristic, Status and Development Trends of Detection Technology for Microbial Fouling Page:—
14. Effects of Salinity and pH on the Growth and Active Products-secreting of Aspergillus sp. F3 from the Mangrove Rhizosphere Page:—
15. Identification of a Thermoacidophilic Sulfolobus sp. Isolated from a Hot Spring in Tengchong Rehai Page:—
16. Ecological Significance and Processes in Research of the Viable but Nonculturable State in Bacteria Page:—
17. Compare of Selectivity Enrichment Broth for Detectable Effect of Listeria monocytogenes Page:—
18. Exploration on the Research-oriented Teaching Reform of Microbiology Page:—
19. Online Student Preparation and Management System for Microbiology Experiment and Its Application to Experiment Teaching Page:—
20. A Review:the Molecular Mechanisms of InlA- and InlB- mediated Invasion of Listeria monocytogenes into Host Cell Page:—
21. An Outbreak of Seasonal Influenza Viruses A(H1N1) in Changsha Was Diagnosed by Laboratory and the HA Gene Characteristic Was Analyzed Page:—
22. Bio-safety Problem of Cultivating Innovative Talents in Pathogenic Biology Page:—
23. Problems and Their Solutions of PBL Teaching in Medical Microbiology Page:—
24. Isolation and Identification of a Pesticide-degrading and Biocontrol Bacterium Page:—
25. High-performance Low-temperature Oil-degrading Bacteria Isolated in Domesticated Page:—
26. The Characteristics and the Construction Plan of the National Microbiology Curricula Team of Wuhan University Page:—
27. Reform on Classroom Teaching for Training Student to Have Innovative and Applied Ability Page:—
28. Construction and Practice of Foundation Experiment Teaching System in National Excellent Microbiology Course Page:—
29. Research Progress on PLGA Nanoparticles/Microspheres as DNA Carriers Page:—
30. Bacteriophage Lysins:A Novel Effective Antibacterial Agents Page:—
31. Preparation and Analytical Method in the Study of Micrbial Metabolomics Page:—
32. Optimization of Hydrogen Production Conditions of Photosynthetic Bacteria Group by Orthogonal Test Page:—
33. Breeding of High Lipolytical Bacteria by Acclimation to Jatropha Oil and Resultant Strain-catalyzed Esterification Reaction Page:—