Volume: 35 Issue: 6

1. CysC specific peptides: bioinformatics analysis and mass spectrometry verification Page:444—447
2. Monitoring of antiplatelet therapy and changes of mean platelet volume after percutaneous coronary intervention in the patients with coronary heart disease Page:439—443
3. Design of POCT quality management system based on the Internet of things Page:405—408
4. Diagnosis of myeloid neoplasms for three patients with erythroblast more than 50 % of bone marrow nucleated cells Page:476—480
5. Investigations on the determination methods of alert thresholds for critical values in clinical laboratories Page:470—475
6. Effects of lean management on emergency biochemistry test turnaround time in clinical laboratories Page:461—463
7. Effects of physical and chemical factors in environment for dried blood spot preparation of neonatal screening assay Page:429—433
8. Construction and operation of automatic warning program in medical laboratory center Page:423—426
9. Design and application of the ISO15189 management information middleware based on LIS Page:419—422
10. Establishment and application of networked information management system for clinical laboratories in community of Suzhou City Page:415—418
11. Development and application of management system for personnel information of clinical laboratory Page:412—414
12. Establishment and application of a real-time monitoring system for temperature-humidity in clinical laboratory based on the Internet of things Page:409—411