WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Journal of Biotechnology> 2006> 22> 6

Volume: 22 Issue: 6

1. Comparative study on in vitro stationary culture system or superfusion culture system of cow mammary tissue. Page:1040—1046
2. Expression of porcine beta-defensin 1 gene in Pichia pastoris. Page:1036—1039
3. Design and implementation of DB sequence optimization software. Page:1032—1035
4. Application of boosting-based decision tree ensemble classifiers for discrimination of thermophilic and mesophilic proteins. Page:1026—1031
5. The influences of lactose as an inducer on expression of plant des-pGlu1-brazzein in Escherichia coli. Page:1021—1025
6. Study on application of rep-PCR fingerprint in rapid identification of beer-spoilager. Page:1013—1020
7. Methane monooxygenases hydroxylase from a type II methanotroph: purification and physical-chemical properties. Page:1007—1012
8. Effects of baicalein on the proliferation and differentiation of pig preadipocyte. Page:1002—1006
9. Expression and characterization of VPAC2 in CHO cells. Page:996—1001
10. Establishment and application of human papillomavirus type 16 pseudovirions neutralization assay. Page:990—995
11. Impact of subculture cycles and inoculum sizes on suspension cultures of Vitis vinifera. Page:984—989
12. Selecting the RNAi efficiency target sites of lZP3 gene by mouse in vivo. Page:979—983
13. Expression of single chain fragment variable P1D3 antibody against shrimp white spot syndrome virus in Pichia pastoris. Page:973—978
14. Expression, characterization and biological activity analysis of recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein 2 in CHO cells. Page:968—972
15. Expression and purification of recombinant human interleukin 4 in Escherichia coli. Page:962—967
16. Expression of recombinant human cytomegalovirus fusion proteins pp150/MDBP fragments and its application. Page:956—961
17. Cloning and expression of the genes encoding glycerol dehydratase reactivase and identification of its biological activity. Page:950—955
18. Isolation, sequencing analysis and characterization of the promoter of banana lectin gene. Page:945—949
19. Regeneration of transgenic Lespedeza thunbergii expressing levansucrase gene (Sac B) from Bacillus subtilis. Page:940—944
20. Construction and characterization of a recombinant fowlpox virus co-expressing F, HN genes of Newcastle disease virus and gB gene of infectious laryngnotracheitis virus. Page:931—939
21. The study of the growth-suppression and mechanisms of hepatocelluar carcinoma tumor in nude mice. Page:925—930
22. New option for gene-targeting vector construction Red/ET recombination. Page:919—924
23. Construction and expression of HSV-2gD-Hsp70 fusion protein gene. Page:914—918
24. Expression and secretion of human bone morphogenetic protein-7 in Pichia pastoris. Page:907—913
25. Cloning and analysis of geldanamycin partial biosynthetic gene cluster of Streptomyces hygroscopicus 17997. Page:902—906
26. In silico cloning of Efp-0, a novel earthworm fibrinolytic enzyme gene and verification of its coding region by RT-PCR. Page:897—901
27. Advances in the RNA-directed DNA methylation in plants. Page:891—896
28. Specific promoters used in plant gene engineering. Page:882—890
29. Advances in heavy metal ions immunoassay. Page:877—881
30. Research progress in SELDI-TOF MS and its clinical applications. Page:871—876