WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Journal of Biotechnology> 2005> 21> 4

Volume: 21 Issue: 4

1. Chloroplast genetic engineering: a new approach in plant biotechnology. Page:674—680
2. Research on gene expression data based on clustering/classification technology. Page:667—673
3. Optimization of fermentation of recombinant human Endostatin (rh-Endostatin) expression in Escherichia coli. Page:662—666
4. A model for amino acid composition and optimum pH in G/11 xylanase based on neural networks. Page:658—661
5. Studies on the catalytic performance of lignin peroxidase in nonionic reversed micelles. Page:654—657
6. Effects of seeding methods on seeding efficiency and initial cell distribution in 3-D scaffolds. Page:649—653
7. Cloning of a rice gene encoding a putative BPH-inducible GST-like protein. Page:646—648
8. Cloning and analysis of psaB cDNA of Dunaliella salina. Page:642—645
9. Expression of SARS spike gene in Shizomycete pombe. Page:638—641
10. Immobilization of cells by macro-porous NaCS-PDMDAAC capsules and cultivation in shaking flask and bubble bioreactor. Page:633—637
11. Continuous ethanol fermentation using self-flocculating yeast in multi-stage suspended bioreactors coupled with directly recycling of waste distillage. Page:628—632
12. Perfusion culture of hematopoietic cells in a stirred tank bioreactor. Page:622—627
13. Optimization of cultural condition of genetic engineering strain for antibiotic peptide adenoregulin and research on its fed-batch cultivation. Page:615—621
14. Media optimization for the novel antimicrobial peptide by Bacillus sp. fmbJ224. Page:609—614
15. Effects of dilution rates on the oscillatory behaviors of a very high gravity continuous ethanol fermentation system. Page:604—608
16. On-column refolding and purification of human EGF receptor L2 domain inclusion body overexpressed in Escherichia coli. Page:597—603
17. Soluble expression and characterization of disulfide bond-rich subdomains of membrane protein p185 in Escherichia coli. Page:590—596
18. Modeling for prediction of arabinoxylans solubilization and endo-xylanase random attacking during mashing. Page:584—589
19. Fabrication of scaffold with controlled porous structure and flow perfusion culture in vitro. Page:579—583
20. The construction and characterization of human pro-urokinase mutant. Page:573—578
21. Overexpression of a sweet protein monellin in Escherichia coli. Page:568—572
22. High-level expression of the potential vaccine antigen TSO18 of Taenia solium in Pichia pastoris. Page:563—567
23. Molecular cloning and expression of anti-tumor adhesion peptide (beta3). Page:558—562
24. Construction and expression of a fusion protein made of tissue-type plasminogen activator and hirudin in Pichia pastoris. Page:553—557
25. Inducing synthesis of LacA from Trametes sp. AH28-2 and cloning & analysis of 5'-terminal sequence of transcription control of the gene. Page:547—552
26. Expression of the recombinant SARS coronavirus nucleocapsid protein in Pichia pastoris and identification of its bioactivity. Page:540—546
27. Plasmid construction, expression, immunogenicity and protective efficacy of recombinant protein candidate vaccine of respiratory syncytial virus. Page:534—539
28. Construction of a baculovirus transfer vector and expression of baculovirus-mediated gfp gene in larvae of Spodoptera litura. Page:530—533
29. Synthesis of medium-chain-length polyhydroxyalkanoate (mcl PHA) in type I PHA synthase negative mutant of Aeromonas hydrophila. Page:524—529
30. Construction of recombinant plasmid using Neo/E Technology. Page:520—523
31. RNA interference and its application in inhibiting HIV-1 infection. Page:516—519
32. Nonexpressor of pathogenesis-related genes 1 (NPR1): a key node of plant disease resistance signalling network. Page:511—515