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Volume: 29 Issue: 10

1. Effects of semirecumbent positions of different degrees on mechanical ventilation and prevention of compli-cations for ventilated patients Page:1083—1088
2. Optical tomography image ultrasonography system in the diagnosis of breast cancer Page:1079—1082
3. Predication of three kinds of scoring model for type 2 diabetes mellitus withacute pulmonary thromboembo-lism Page:1075—1078
4. S-1 plus docetaxel and cisplatin as an induction chemotherapy for advanced oral squamous cell carcinoma:A clinical observation Page:1067—1070
5. Experimental study of mechanical damages to establish intrauterine adhesions model in rats Page:1026—1030
6. Prokaryotic expression of human mitochondrial transcription termination factor 3 and preparation of its polyclonal antibody Page:1020—1025
7. Progress of molecular targeted therapy in the treatment for recurrent epithelial ovarian cancer Page:1116—1120
8. The effect of notch signaling in chondrocytes differentiation Page:1111—1115
9. Advance in applied anatomy of structure and thrombosis in the left atrial appendage Page:1107—1110
10. The patients′risk factors for prosthetic joint infection after primary hip and knee arthroplasty Page:1101—1106
11. The relationship of Neuroligin1, synapses and cognitive dysfunction Page:1097—1100
12. Research advances on epigenetic mechanisms of depression Page:1093—1096
13. Correlation between three-dimensional volume ultrasound VOCAL parameters and pathological grading of mass type breast invasive ductal carcinoma Page:1071—1074
14. Clinical application of carbon nanoparticles suspension in outpatient thyroid microcarcinoma surgery Page:1063—1066
15. Expressions of SOX2, TWIST, and SNAIL in breast cancer and their clinical implications Page:1059—1062
16. The clinical value of 99 Tc m-DTPA renal dynamic imaging in evaluating the function of transplanted kidney by GFR after transplantation Page:1055—1058
17. The effects of vitamin D deficiency on the cardiac oxidative stress in mice and the underlying mechanisms Page:1050—1054
18. Analysis about graduate education from the hot field of otolaryngology & head and neck surgery Page:1009—1013
19. Experimental study onα-Asarone-induced apoptosis in human esophageal carcinoma Eca-109 cell line I by regulating GADD153 and Smac mRNA expression levels Page:1046—1049
20. Effects of 1,25-(OH) 2 D3 on Ca2+concentration and PI3K/AKT/mTOR pathway in type Ⅱalveolar epi-thelial cells of rat with pulmonary fibrosis Page:1040—1045
21. Peptides extracted from eucheuma and their activity against platelet aggregation and bacterial growth Page:1036—1039
22. Ultra-sensitive quantification of the colorectal cancer-specific NDRG4 gene methylation levels in stool Page:1031—1035