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Volume: 38 Issue: 7

1. IL-6 and TNF-α promote the differentiation of human BMSCs to TFAs by mimicry inflammatory microenvironment Page:901—906
2. Cell autophagy attenuates PM2.5-induced apoptosis of human lung adenocarcinoma cell line H441 Page:907—912
3. Genetic polymorphisms of 19 X-STR loci for forensic application in China’s three ethnicities Page:913—921
4. Alterations of Sirt1 and mTOR activity in gastrocnemius muscle of mice with sarcopenia Page:922—927
5. Effects of metformin on insulin sensitivity and islet beta cell secretion in obesity patients Page:928—932
6. Exploration of possible different molecules between EBV associated and non-associated gastric cancer by omics Page:933—937
7. Knockout of IgG receptor FcγRⅡB aggravates systemic and adipose tissue inflammatory responses in mice Page:938—943
8. IFNα induces cytidine/uridine monophosphate kinase 2 expression in hepatocarcinoma cell line to activate macrophages of mice Page:944—949
9. MGST1 overexpression promotes hepatocellular carcinoma development Page:950—956
10. LncRNA Neat1 is upregulated in P19 cell line processed with all-trans-retinoic acid Page:957—960
11. Comparison of anterograde tracing methods of mouse corticospinal tract with adeno associated virus and biotinylated dextran amine Page:961—966
12. Dexmedetomidine decreases TLR4 expression to alleviate lung ischemia/reperfusion injury in mice Page:967—972
13. Sympathetic excitation and dendritic cell activation aggravates myocardial injury in LPS-induced rats Page:973—977
14. Auditory brainstem response may predict behavior threshold of children with hearing loss Page:978—982
15. Chlorogenic acid inhibits the inflammatory response of microglia cells infected with HSV-1 Page:983—987
16. Effect of microecological therapy on rotavirus diarrhea and immunologic function in infants Page:988—992
17. Etomoxir strengthens the inhibitory effect of cisplatin on lung cancer cell line A549 Page:993—998
18. Treatment of blood disease with chronic subdural hematoma Page:999—1002
19. Impact to life quality from treatment with microvascular decompression in patients with hemifacial spasm Page:1003—1006
20. Progress of chimeric antigen receptor-modified T cell therapy for osteosarcoma Page:1012—1015
21. Research progress of chimeric antigen receptor T cells in the treatment of primary liver cancer Page:1016—1019
22. Research progress of macrophage autophagy in atherosclerosis Page:1020—1024
23. Research progress of Notch signaling pathway in tumor Page:1025—1028
24. Latest progress of the tumor suppressor gene and oncogene Page:1029—1033
25. Research progress of the association between intestinal microflora and intestinal diseases Page:1034—1037
26. Interrelationship between stressors, personality characteristics and social support of medical postgraduates Page:1038—1041
27. SECTRA 3D real-time reconstruction of virtual simulation technology in the anatomy teaching of otolaryngology Page:1042—1045
28. Clinical application of PBL combined with multiple pedagogical methods in training of communication between doctor and patient in pediatrics Page:1046—1049
29. Practical exploration of multi-teaching model in pediatric teaching among undergraduate medical students Page:1050—1052
30. An analysis based on network reports of workplace violence on healthcare providers in China, 2013—2016 Page:1053—1058