WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Basic & Clinical Medicine> 2018> 38> 5

Volume: 38 Issue: 5

1. Construction and characterization of QKI knockout GC1-spg cell strain with CRISPR/CAS9 Page:589—593
2. A homozygous mutation in TMEM38B causes rare osteogenesis imperfecta type XIV Page:594—599
3. Expression of miR-181b-5p in peripheral blood from patients with esophageal cancer is down-regulated Page:600—603
4. Cellular molecular mechanism of EndoMT and tube formation dysfunction in iPSC-ECs of pulmonary arterial hypertension Page:604—609
5. Hypoxia amplifies lipopolysaccharide-induced IL-1β expression in macrophages Page:610—615
6. Secreted CTLA-4 fusion Plasmodium falciparum DNA vaccine combined with GM-CSF enhances immune response of mice Page:616—621
7. Rare mutation of angiopoietin-like protein 8 gene and severe hypertriglyceridemia Page:622—625
8. Hepatocytes apoptosis induced by β1-adrenoceptor autoantibody is involved in hepatic dysfunction Page:626—631
9. Analysis of inter-species cross-contamination in 160 non-human cell lines Page:632—637
10. Association of SLC22A12 and SLC2A9 genetic polymorphisms with hypouricemia in Ningxia population Page:638—642
11. Impact of celastrol on polarization of mouse peritoneal macrophage Page:643—648
12. Isolation and identification of exosomes derived from bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells Page:649—653
13. Formaldehyde induced acute inflammation pain leads to enhanced expression of BRD 4 in spinal cord of mice Page:654—658
14. Synergistic antitumor effect of HSP90 inhibitor P7 combined with docetaxel in triple-negative breast cancer Page:659—663
15. Decreased expression of autophage related genes Atg7 and Atg12-Atg5 in myocardium of diabetic rats Page:664—668
16. Effect of moxifloxacin on pro-inflammatory response in lipopolysaccharide-stimulated mice peritoneal macrophages Page:669—673
17. Zika virus NS3 can unwind dsDNA depending on ATP hydrolysis Page:674—678
18. Effect of rs6858698 on susceptibility to chronic lymphocytic leukemia Page:679—685
19. Quercetin promotes macrophage polarization and function recovery after spinal cord injury in mice Page:686—691
20. Pathological changes of arota in long-term pure hyperuricemia rat Page:692—695
21. Research advances on the role of extracellular matrix in pulmonary fibrosis Page:698—702
22. Effects of Wnt3a and Wnt5a signaling pathway switching on hematopoietic stem cells senescence Page:703—707
23. Effect of ACE/Ang Ⅱ/AT1 axis and ACE2/Ang(1-7)/Mas axis on glucose and lipid metabolism in adipose tissue Page:708—712
24. An overview of mechanism research on Helicobacter pylori pathogenic factors Page:713—716
25. Advances in treatment for Stanford type B aortic dissection Page:717—721
26. Advances in research on tumor targeted therapy of trastuzumab Page:722—726
27. Research progress on translesion synthesis DNA polymerase ζ-Rev7 in tumor development Page:727—730
28. Gene polymorphism on the response to recombinant human growth hormone therapy in adults growth hormone deficiency Page:731—734
29. Practice and experience of offering MOOC of anatomy Page:735—738
30. Improvement the training effectiveness with optimized mode for the hemodynamics short-term training course Page:739—741
31. Content design and development model of medical microlecture platform based on Internet Page:742—744