WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Basic & Clinical Medicine> 2018> 38> 4

Volume: 38 Issue: 4

1. Limonin inhibits the PM2.5 inhalation-induced airway inflammation and mucus hypersecretion in rats Page:433—438
2. Construction of dual luciferase reporter plasmid of HIPK3 3′UTR and verification its targeting miR-146 Page:439—444
3. Inhibitory effects of resveratrol on the proliferation, migration and angiogenesis of HUVECs through targeting mTORC2/Rictor Page:445—450
4. TRIM11 promotes proliferation and invasion of breast cancer cell line MCF7 by targeting miR-24-3p Page:451—457
5. Activation of M3-mAChR attenuates hypoxia injury induced by CoCl2in rat myocardial cell line H9c2 Page:458—463
6. Prognostic value of Per2 in hepatocellular carcinoma and its effect on the growth and apoptosis of hepatocellular carcinoma cells Page:464—469
7. Detection of novel mutations related to maturity-onset diabetes of the young Page:470—474
8. siRNA-mediated antizyme inhibitor down-regulates the expression of ornithine decarboxylase of prostate cancer cell PC3 Page:475—479
9. Hydroxysafflor yellow A reduces anoxia/reoxygenation-induced injury in rat cardiomyocytes Page:480—484
10. Effects of ursolic acid on activation of NOX2/ROS/NLRP3 inflammasome in liver fibrosis rats Page:485—491
11. Crotonaldehyde inhibits myocardial contractile function in mice Page:492—496
12. Increased expression of Hsp90 in pancreatic cancer and its clinical pathological significance Page:497—501
13. bFGF promotes blood spinal cord barrier recovery in rats Page:502—506
14. Morphine promotes glioblastoma cell proliferation through activating ERK1/2 signaling pathway Page:507—511
15. Correlation between the expression of JARID1B/KDM5B in breast cancer tissues and the circulating tumor cells Page:512—515
16. Silencing Itch gene expression by ultrasound-targeted microbubble destruction to enhance the immune killing efficiency of T lymphocyte against lung neoplasms cells LA795 Page:516—521
17. Effects of hypoxia on the expression of autophagy-related molecules in human colon cancer cells Page:522—526
18. Comparison of clinical effects of PICC and TIVAP in malignant tumor chemotherapy Page:527—529
19. Isolation and culture of adult rat cardiac microvascular endothelial cells Page:530—534
20. Advances in CRISPR/Cas9 gene-editing system Page:543—547
21. Apoptosis and efferocytosis in atherosclerosis plaques Page:548—552
22. Mitochondrial fusion-fission and heart failure Page:553—556
23. Research progress of monogenetic disorders of the lipid metabolism Page:557—562
24. Cell biological properties of microglia and its role in neurons regulation Page:563—567
25. Progress in the mechanism study on colitis associated cancer Page:568—572
26. Research progress in long non-coding RNAs involved in invasion and metastasis of breast cancer Page:573—577
27. Role of programmed cell death receptor 1 signaling pathway in cancer immunotherapy Page:578—582
28. Preliminary exploration on the teaching methods in endoscopic endonasal lacrimal surgery training for ophthalmologists Page:583—585
29. Application of standardized patients in the teaching of preoperative evaluations of anesthesia residents Page:586—588