WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Basic & Clinical Medicine> 2018> 38> 2

Volume: 38 Issue: 2

1. Association of GNA11 gene polymorphisms with idiopathic hypoparathyroidism and its complications Page:145—152
2. Mutations of Pl6INK4a/CDK4/CCND1 genes in 134 Chinese melanoma patients and their clinical significance Page:153—157
3. Transfection with lentivirus carrying Ifi204 genes up-regulates p204 expression of the aortic vascular fibroblasts in rats Page:158—162
4. Beneficial effect of berberine on atherosclerosis based on attenuating vascular inflammation and calcification Page:163—168
5. Mangiferin alleviates hypoxia-induced cell apoptosis in rat primary cultural cardiomyocytes Page:169—173
6. IncRNA EVADR promotes proliferation and migration of human colorectal cancer cell lines Page:174—179
7. Quantitative detection of the KRAS gene mutation in circulating tumor DNA for patients with colorectal cancer Page:180—184
8. Curcumin inhibits apoptosis of HK-2 cell line induced by cisplatin Page:185—188
9. Astragalus polysaccharide attenuates liver injury in rats with chronic cadmium exposure Page:189—193
10. Expression of WNT4 and its inhibitory factor SFRP1 in renal tissue of diabetic nephropathy rats Page:194—199
11. Deep hypothermia decreases MMP-9 and NPY protein levels in brain of ischemia rats Page:200—204
12. CD11c+DCs promote the occurrence and development of psoriasis-like morbidity in K14-VEGF transgenic mice Page:205—212
13. High fat diet-induced elevation of blood glucose impairs the microvascular function of testis in mice Page:213—217
14. Role of Treg in the immune pathogenesis of subacute thyroiditis Page:218—223
15. Overexpression of human telomerase reverse transcriptase inhibits myocardial apoptosis induced by hypoxia/reoxigenation in rats Page:224—228
16. Culture and identification of mouse submandibular epithelial cells in vitro Page:229—232
17. Progress on the relationship between lncRNA-CCATl and gastrointestinal cancer Page:237—240
18. Mechanism and progress of the research on the treatment of bacterial infection with bacteriophage lysin Page:241—245
19. Immunotherapy of targeting at tumor stem cells Page:246—250
20. Research progress on exosomes in promoting bone regeneration Page:251—254
21. Research advances of mesenchymal stem cells from bone marrow in myelodysplastic syndrome Page:255—259
22. Role of endoplasmic reticulum stress in the pathogenesis of liver diseases Page:260—264
23. Implementation of literature case study in clinical epidemiology teaching reformation for medical students of the eight-year medical education program Page:265—268
24. Application of simulation training for central venous catherteriazation in emergency department Page:269—271
25. Small-class teaching in chemical biology Page:272—275
26. Attitudes of 8-year program medical students to concept mapping after the pharmacology teaching/learning practice and analysis of the learning readiness for students Page:274—280
27. Necessity of traditional blackboard in medical genetics teaching in the information age Page:281—283
28. Assessment and analysis of influencing factors of patients' satisfaction with perioperative anesthetic care Page:284—288