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Volume: 37 Issue: 4

1. Research progress of the negative effects of extracellular histone Page:576—579
2. The progress of perioperative pain management of spine and spinal surgery Page:571—575
3. Perioperative regional pain management of TKA Page:567—570
4. Progress in researches on exosomes in non-small cell lung cancer Page:561—566
5. Research advances on the ratio ofmonocyte to HDL in the diagnosis and prognosis of coronary heart disease Page:557—560
6. Lethal effect of RI-1 on MSH2-deficient colorectal cancer cells Page:473—478
7. Effects of suberoylanilide hydroxamic acidon proliferation and apoptosis of human hepatic stellate cells Page:468—472
8. Risk factors and prognosticsignificance of positive peritoneal cytology in endometrial cancer Page:448—453
9. Safety and prognosis of ovarian preservationin young women with early-stage endometrial cancer Page:443—447
10. Prognosis after fertility-sparing management with oralprogestin for women with complex endometrial hyperplasia and endometrial cancer Page:436—442
11. Discussion on the competencytraining of the management staff in the resident standardized training base Page:588—590
12. Analysis of the final test paper of medical statisticsin nursing undergraduates from Peking Union Medical College Page:580—583
13. Advances on Sirt3 in cardiovascular diseases and longevity Page:553—556
14. Down-regulation of miR-31-5p in human acute myeloid leukemia Page:537—542
15. Knock-down ATG5 gene inhibits autophagyand enhances celastrol-induced apoptosis in human lung cancer cell H1299 Page:531—536
16. Curcumin reduces the expression ofinflammatory factors in model rats with CP/CPPS type Ⅲ Page:525—530
17. Screening of potential lncRNAs ofKIAA1456 inhibiting proliferation of ovarian cancer cells Page:518—524
18. Effect of ATAD2 on metastasisand epithelial-mesenchymal transition of human glioblastoma cell lines Page:512—517
19. ATP1A1 gene silencing inhibits the invasion of human glioma cells U251 in vitro Page:506—511
20. Differentially expressed gene screening of urinesamples from rats renal fibrosis model and bioinformatics analysis Page:500—505
21. Dock180 knockout inhibits proliferationand promotes apoptosis of rat derived H9C2 cardiomyocytes strain Page:493—499
22. Effects of carboxyamidotriazole on the activation and degranulation of RBL-2H3 cells Page:479—483
23. Management of endometrioid carcinomapatients with preoperative diagnosis of endometrial hyperplasia Page:463—467
24. High-risk factors and prognostic analysis ofpelvic nodal metastasis in patients with endometrial carcinoma Page:454—462
25. Epidermal growth factor promotesproliferation of endometrial adenocarcinoma cell line Ishikawa Page:488—492
26. A survey on perception of disaster management among medical students Page:584—587
27. Effects of Jinmaitong serumon the expression of β-catenin, GSK-3β and myelin protein zeroin Schwann cells of rats cultured in high glucose medium Page:484—487