WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Basic & Clinical Medicine> 2017> 37> 2

Volume: 37 Issue: 2

1. Clinical scenery drama in doctor-patient communication training and evaluation Page:277—280
2. Enlightment of foreign management system of rare diseases to China Page:273—276
3. Research progress in molecular mechanism of hematopoietic stem cell injury induced by ionizing radiation Page:256—260
4. Nitric oxide bioavailability dysfunction and atherosclerosis Page:251—255
5. Clinical characteristics of polymyositis and dermatomyositis complicated with lymphoma Page:234—237
6. Case report of hepatic adenoma with hemorrhage in glycogen storage disease type Ⅰa Page:230—233
7. Protein expression of activated Pak 1 and its correlation with chromosome segregation in mouse oocyte meiosis Page:183—188
8. Effects of cisplatin on autophagy and apoptosis and their correlation in bladder cancer cells Page:176—182
9. Human leptin gene overexpression enhances osteogenesis of bone marrow stromal cells from rats Page:169—175
10. Characteristics and clinical significance of sera anti-enteric neuronal antibodies in patients with irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea Page:156—161
11. A method to predict clustered repeats in Salmonella genomes Page:150—155
12. Construction of teaching-helping system among hospitals Page:281—284
13. Formation and enlightenment of medical elite education in the United States Page:270—272
14. Research progress of mTOR inhibitors for anti-atherosclerosis Page:265—269
15. Research progress of the role of thrombin activatiable fibrinolysis inhibitor in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases Page:261—264
16. Faciliated primary culture and amplification of breast cancer cells and their biological properties Page:224—229
17. Renal artery calcification increases the progressive renal damage of type 2 diabetic nephropathy rats Page:217—223
18. ELK-3 interference inhibits the epithelial-mesenchymal transition of human hepatocellular carcinoma cells Page:211—216
19. Effects of chronic intermittent hypoxia on the expression of glucose transporter 2 and insulin receptor substrate 2 in rat kidney Page:206—210
20. Parthenolide enhances the apoptosis induced by PKC inhibitor in human gastrointestinal stromal tumors cell lines Page:202—205
21. Effect of miR-210 on angiogenesis of renal clear cell carcinoma Page:197—201
22. Effects of IRF1 on polarization and antitumor function of M 1 microphage Page:189—196
23. Differential regulation of SREBP 1 c/cm on transcriptional activity and expression of PERK promoter Page:162—168
24. Chaperonin containing T-complex protein 1 subunit epsilon (CCT5) serves as γδT cell-related autoantigen Page:145—149