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Volume: 37 Issue: 11

1. Pinocembrin alleviates hypoxia reoxygenation injury in rat liver cell line BRL-3A Page:1535—1540
2. Rosiglitazone alleviates vascular endothelial dysfunction in type 2 diabetic rats Page:1585—1589
3. LPS promotes autophagy in rat hepatic stellate cell line HSC-T6 Page:1579—1584
4. Over-expression of KLF4 inhibits the proliferation and migration of K562 cell line Page:1574—1578
5. Downregulation of GDF15 promotes proliferation of human glioblastoma cell line U87MG Page:1557—1561
6. Diagnosis and treatment of micro-paragangliomas in urinary bladdler Page:1615—1619
7. miR-211 inhibits the proliferation of human breast cancer cell lines through targeting TFAM Page:1590—1595
8. Down-regulation of COX-2 expression inhibits proliferation and promotes apoptosis in human colon cancer cell line HT-29 Page:1568—1573
9. Expressions of CD49f splicing isoforms in different cell lines Page:1562—1567
10. Double tutorial system in eight-academic-year medical students training:role of young teachers Page:1654—1657
11. A new model in the teaching of medical microbiology in clinical medicine Page:1649—1653
12. Analysis of pathogens and antibacterial spectrum of meningtis and/or bacteremia after trans-sphenoidal pituitary adenomectomies Page:1611—1614
13. Epidemiology and clinical characteristics of type 1 autoimmune pancreatitis Page:1607—1610
14. Clinical character and genetic mutation of 64 patients with Gitelman syndrome Page:1601—1606
15. Association between PD-1 genetic variants and the risk of epithelial ovarian cancer Page:1541—1545
16. Expression and function of long non-coding RNA AK046999 in the development of mouse cerebral cortex Page:1513—1518
17. Preparation and identification of protein chip for detecting components of peach allergen Page:1507—1512
18. Retrospective analysis of special type endometrial cancer cases in Peking Union Medical College Hospital during 2005-2010 Page:1596—1600
19. Conservative epitope of human papillomavirus type 31 L2 can induce broad-spectrum neutralizing antibodies Page:1552—1556
20. Hypoxia promotes proliferation of nucleus pulposus-derived mesenchymal stem cells in rats Page:1546—1551
21. Application of mouse model of schistosomiasis in the curriculum of human parasitology Page:1658—1662
22. Advances in diagnosis and treatment of thymic carcinoid Page:1644—1648
23. Research progress in molecular connection between autophagy and inflammation Page:1640—1643
24. Progress in the research of acquired heterotopic ossification Page:1634—1639
25. Research progress of sodium-dependent phosphate transporter in gout/hyperuricemia Page:1629—1633
26. Role of cyclophilinD in induction of the regulated necrosis Page:1625—1628
27. SDF-1/CXCR4 axis induces apoptosis of human degenerative nucleus pulposus cells via NF-κB pathway Page:1529—1534
28. RSUME promotes apoptosis of pituitary adenoma cell AtT-20 in mice Page:1524—1528
29. Effect of CDC73 gene mutation on clinical characteristics of sporadic children/adolescent-onset primarg hyperparathyroidism Page:1519—1523