WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Journal of Cancer Biotherapy> 1996> 0> 04

Volume: 0 Issue: 04

1. An Improved Silver Staining Method Page:—
2. Bio-Distribution of IL-2 and Its Relation to the Therapeutic Effects Page:—
3. Anti-Tumor Effects of Local Injection With Oncolysate Transfected by Recombinant Vaccinia Viruses Encoding Human IL-2 Page:—
4. In vitro Biological Characteristic Changes and in vivo Tumorigenicity of mlL-4 Gene Modified G422 Cells by Adenovirus-Mediated Gene Transfer Page:—
5. The Treatment of Moderately Advanced Carcinoma with Chemo-Immunotherapy Page:—
6. The Effect of Antisense IGF-I Gene on the Tumor Immunogenicity of Human Hepatoma 7402 Cell Page:—
7. xperimental Study on Adenovirus-Mediated Suicide Gene Therapy for Human Hepatucellular Carcinoma Using Escherichia Coli Cytosine Deaminase Page:—
8. The Persistent Secretion of TNF-? by60Co Irradiated TNF Gene Modified Human Hepatoma Cell Page:—
9. Induction of Anti-Tumor Response in vivo by HSA Gene Transfected Mouse Lymphoma Cell EL-4 Page:—
10. Sodium Phenylacetate Enhances HLA Molecule Expression on the Surface of Tumor Cells Page:—
11. Induced Nitric Oxide From Alveolar Macrophages Inhibits Experimental Pulmonary Metastasis in Mice Page:—
12. Study on the Antigens of Tumor FBL-3:I.Prediction of FBL-3 Antigen and Verification of Antigenicity of Synthetic Peptides Page:—
13. in vivo and in vitro Anti-Tumor Efficiency by Tumor-Specific CD8+ CTL Induced with Tumor Associated Peptide Page:—
14. Generation of Dendritic Cells from Human Peripheral Blood Page:—
15. Application of Cationic Liposome and Direct Injection Method to Express hGH in Mice in vivo Page:—
16. Synergistic Cytotoxicity of Chemotherapeutic Agents and Tumor Necrosis Factor ? against Hepatic Carcinoma Cells in vitro Page:—
17. In vitro Proliferation and Cytotoxicity of PBMC Induced by Autologous Tumor Specific Antigen Costimulated with IL-2 Page:—
18. Augmentation of Immune Functions and Autologous Tumor Killing Activity by Kappa-Selenocarrageenan in Mice Bearing Sarcoma 180 Page:—
19. Study on Type Ⅳ Collagenase and Type Ⅳ Collagen in Gastric Carcinoma of Nude Mice Transfered with TIMP-2 Gene Page:—
20. Active Immunotherapy with Anti-Idiotypic Antibody for Nasopharyngeal Cancer Page:—
21. Effect of Phosphorothiods Oligodeoxynucleotides on K562 Cells Page:—
22. Specific Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes Responses Induced by Colorectal Cancer Antigen CA-Hb3 in vitro Page:—
23. IL-3 Gene-Modified Bone Marrow Stromal Cells Accelerate Hematopoiesis Recovery of Mice Received High Dose Chemotherapy Page:—
24. Biological Characteristics of the Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cell Line Transfected with Interleukin-l?Converting Enzyme (ICE) Gene Page:—
25. Roles of T Cells and Related Immunological Molecules in the Enhancement of Cancer CD Suicide Gene Therapy by Lymphotactin Page:—
26. The Suppressive Effect of TNF-? on Growth and Cell Cycle of Human Lung Adenocarcinoma Cells Page:—
27. The Effect of Chemotherapy Combined with Tumor Necrosis Factor and Thymosin on Advanced Liver Cancer Page:—
28. The Inhibitive Effect of Essential Fatty Acids on AFP Secretion and Cell Growth on BEL-7402 Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cell Line Page:—
29. The Role of Membrane TNF-a in Murine Con A-LAK Cell Mediated MHC Non-restricted Tumoricidal Effect Page:—
30. Study on Purification and Renaturation of His6-?TNF?Fusion Protein (IB) Page:—
31. Detection of the Soluble Fas Receptor Level in Sera from Patients with Myelodysplastic Syndrome and Acute Leukemia and Its Significance Page:—
32. Differentiation of Human Leukemic Dendritic Cells from Acute Promyelocytic Leukemic Cells in vitro Page:—
33. Antisense Blocking of Interleukin-l? Converting Enzyme (ICE) Expression Inhibit Activation Induced Apoptosis of T Cell with Retroviral Vector Page:—
34. Construction of cDNA Library of Ovarian Carcinoma Page:—
35. Reversal of Drug Resistance in Human Ovarian Cancer Cell Lines by c-jun Antisense Page:—
36. Therapeutic Effects of HSVtk/GCV Suicide Gene System on Murine As-cites Tumors Page:—
37. Collaborative Study of the National Standard for Recombinant Human Tumor Necrosis Factor ?(rhTNF-?) Page:—
38. Expression of Estrogen and Progesterone Receptors in Bronchogenic Carcinoma Page:—
39. Isolation and Sequencing the Differential Gene Fragments Expressed in Human Stomach Cancer Tissue Page:—
40. Inhibitory Efficiency on Growth in vivo of B16 Melanoma Cell Expressing Angiostatin Page:—
41. TC-1 Stromal Cells Enhance Retro viral-Mediated Gene Transfer into Murine Marrow Hematopoietic Cells Page:—
42. Prokaryotic Expression, Purification and Characterization of Recombinant Human Interleukin-17 Page:—
43. The Up-Regulation of the Drug Sensitivity of Human Breast Cancer Cell Line MCF-7 by FasL Gene Transfer Page:—
44. The Anti-Hepatoma Effect of Superantigen Staphylococcal Enterotoxin A Targeted by Monoclonal Antibody Page:—
45. A Synchronistic Deficiency in Expression of HLA Class I Molecules and TAP/LMP Genes in Human Ovarian Cancer Cells Page:—
46. Homology Modeling for the Structure of the Soluble Segment of TRAIL Page:—
47. Comparison of Antitumor Effect in vivo between Transmembrane TNF-? and Secretory TNF-? Page:—
48. Antitumor Responses Induced by Recombinant Vaccinia Viruses Expressing p53 Antigenic Peptide and B7 Page:—
49. The Effect of Combining bcr-abl Antisense Phosphorothioate Oligodeoxynucleotides and c-myb Aspo on K562 Cell Line Page:—
50. Quality Control for Bioassay of Recombinant Human Stem Cell Factor(rhSCF) Page:—
51. The Relationship between nm23 and p16 Gene Synergy Expression and Gastric Cancer Biological Characteristic and Prognosis Page:—
52. The Roles of Granule Exocytosis and Fas/Fas Ligand Pathway in the Cytotoxicity of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Antigen Activated Human ??T Cells to Tumor Cell Lines Page:—
53. The Inhibitory Effects of an Antisense u-PAR Vector on Invasion by Highly Invasive Human Prostate Carcinoma PC-3M Cell Subclones Page:—
54. Inhibitory Effects of Angiostatin on the Growth of Human Glioma and It's Pathological Study Page:—
55. Apoptosis in Human Osteosarcoma Cell Line SOSP-9607 Induced by Caspase-6 Page:—
56. Effect of Granulocyte (-Macrophage) Colony-Stimulating Factor on Oral Mucositis Due to Concomitant Chemoradiotherapy in Locally Advanced Head and Neck Cancer Patients Page:—
57. The Inhibition of Antisense TRPl in the Proliferation of Malignant Melanoma Cells in vivo and in vitro Page:—
58. Inhibition of survivin and bcl-2 Antisense Oligodeoxynucleotides Combined Transfection on the Human Gallbladder Carcinoma Cell Line GBC-SD in vitro Page:—
59. Expression,Purification of Fusion Protein TGF?-PE40 and the Cytotoxicity of TGF?-PE40 on Tumor Cells Page:—
60. Studies of 4500 Umbilical Cord Blood Units Banking Page:—
61. The Cytotoxic Effect of Peritoneal Elicited Macrophages Induced by HSPgp96 on Anti-Tumor in vitro Page:—
62. The Inhibitory Effect of Exogenous Wild-Type p53 Gene on the Cell Growth and Tumorigenicity of Human Gallbladder Cancer Cell Lines Page:—
63. The Inhibitory Effect of NDGA on the Growth of Colon Cancer Cell Line HT-29 and Its Impact on the Expression of Telomerase Page:—
64. Inhibitory effect of VEGF antisense oligonucleotides on synthesis of VEGF by Lewis lung cancer cells Page:—
65. Construction of a recombinant adenovirus containing MMP-9 signal peptide and PEX domain of human MMP-2 and study of its activity Page:—
66. The impact of long-term stimulation by CpG-ODN on the maturation of dendritic cells in murine bone marrow Page:—
67. Paclitaxel-octreotide conjugates inhibit growth of human non-small cell lung cancer cells Page:—
68. Inhibitory effects of angiostatin gene combined with antisense hypoxia inducible factor-1? gene transfection on implanted human ovarian carcinoma in nude mice Page:—
69. Effects of anti-HPV16E6-ribozyme on telomerase activity in cervical carcinoma cells and the related mechanisms Page:—
70. Sunitinib malate-induced high expression of NKG2D ligands in nasopharyngeal carcinoma cell ABCG2~(high) CNE2/DDP Page:—
71. Real-time quantitative PCR in determination of VEGF expression in endometrial carcinoma and peripheral blood and its clinical relevance Page:—
72. Expression of MCM4 and CDC6 in uterine cervical carcinoma and its relation with HPV_(16/18) infection Page:—
73. cDNA microarray technique in screening primary drug resistance-related genes of human malignant glioma Page:—
74. Inhibitory effect of recombinant mutant human tumor necrosis factor combined with cisplatin on transplanted Lewis lung carcinoma in mice Page:—
75. Pyrrolidine dithiocarbamate,a inhibitor of NF-?B,enhances chemosensitivity of ovarian cancer cells to cisplatin Page:—
76. Stable expression of programmed cell death 4 gene in glioma cell line and its influence on proliferation of tumor cells Page:—
77. Recombinant adenovirus-mediated survivin gene transfection of dendritic cells induces immune responses against renal cell carcinoma Page:—
78. Recent progress in metastasis mechanism of malignant tumors and their treatment strategies Page:—
79. IL-2 and IL-15 up-regulate NKG2D expression and enhance cytotoxicity of edited-NK cells against nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells Page:—
80. Determination of serum HER2 in breast cancer patients and its clinical significance Page:—
81. Inhibitory effect of gefitinib combined with DNA vaccine targeting EGFR against mouse lung cancer Lewis cells Page:—
82. Effects of AP-2? on invasive growth and ER-? expression of colon cancer cell line Page:—
83. PUMA promotes apoptosis of pancreatic carcinoma BxPC-3 cells and the possible mechanism Page:—
84. Myeloid-derived suppressor cells and tumor immune escape Page:—
85. Preparation and identification of a 9B9 monoclonal antibody specifically targeting EGFRvⅢ/EGFR Page:—
86. Study on Mechanism and Regulation of CD3AK Cytotoxic Activity Page:—
87. Cytotoxicity of LAK Cells from Cancer Patients against Tumor Cells Page:—
88. Analysis and Clinical Implication of Ha-ras, p53 and RB Gene Mutations and Infection of Bladder Cancer with Papillomavirus Page:—