WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Journal of Blood Transfusion> 2017> 30> 7

Volume: 30 Issue: 7

1. Study on the quality of concentration leukocyte-poor platelet concentrates by improved buffy coat Page:829—831
2. Evaluation of the value of anaerobic culture in bacterial contamination forapheresis platelets Page:826—828
3. Designing and evaluating of the project of health education pathway for primary apheresis donors Page:823—826
4. Comparing the differences between domestic and imported EIA-HIV screening results for voluntary blood donors Page:813—815
5. Analysis of invalid detections in nucleic acid detection systems Page:810—812
6. Analysis of cognition and motivation of blood donation for blood donors in blood collection vehicles Page:799—800
7. Analysis of the status quo of voluntary blood donation and confidential blood donation after voluntary blood donation in Jiaxing Page:789—790
8. The practice of humanistic care on our voluntary blood donors Page:787—788
9. Serological and virological epidemiology characterization of occult hepatitis B virus infection in Jiaxing volunteer blood donors Page:780—784
10. Analysis of voluntary blood donation among medical staff in Hangzhou medical institutions Page:778—779
11. Analysis of the demographic and blood donation behavior of repeat blood donors and first-time donors——based on the data of blood donors in Zhejiang province from 2006 to 2015 Page:772—775
12. The relation between the positive rate of platelet antibody and the frequency of platelet transfusion, the gender and the blood group of patients Page:742—744
13. Application of tranexamic acid on effects of intraoperative hemorrhage in liver transplantation Page:737—739
14. The application of predeposit autotransfusion in hematopoietic stem cell donors Page:721—723
15. Evaluation of the clinical application efficacy of cryopreserved apheresis platelets and fresh apheresis platelets Page:730—733
16. The changes of fresh frozen plasma parameters after its off from the cold chain Page:699—701
17. Analysis on the screening condition of platelet donors with different blood volume Page:696—699
18. Establishment of variables-specific reference ranges of von Willebrand factor antigen and activity Page:690—692
19. Relevance analysis on HLA-DRB1 alleles andocculthepatits B virus infection Page:670—673
20. Discuss on the application of informatization clinical blood transfusion apps in blood transfusion management under the new normal Page:851—852
21. Discussion on personnel capacitye valuation of quality control laboratory staff in blood banks Page:849—851
22. The performance evaluation on 3 hemoglobin analyzers Page:846—848
23. Antibodies identification and crossmatching of a case with alloanti-C, e combing autoantibody mimicking alloanti-e Page:843—846
24. The effect of quick freezing equipment and quick freezing time on the preparation of cryoprecipitate Page:836—837
25. Discussion on the role of blood bank in the work of blood donation Page:834—835
26. The Exploration of the standardized model of training and assessment for employees in blood services Page:821—823
27. The Primary Study on the Methods and Feasibility of Re-entry of NAT Reactive Blood Donors Page:818—821
28. Study on theimmediate separation feasibility of PLT preparation by adding to carboxylation chitosan Page:815—818
29. Analysis of antibody potency of IgG blood group in O-type blood pregnant women by three methods Page:808—809
30. Investigation and analysis of rationality of 900 cases of clinical blood transfusion Page:805—807
31. Investigation and analysis of PBL lessons in clinical transfusion science of medical laboratory specialty Page:801—803
32. Analysis of HTLV infection among voluntary blood donors in Wenzhou Page:794—795
33. Investigation of irregular antibodies in blood samples from donors in Shanghai area Page:791—793
34. Cause analysis and control measures of insufficient blood collection Page:770—772
35. Analysis of blood collection supply and clinical usage demand in Hangzhou Page:757—759
36. Investigation and analysis of blood transfusion in Hangzhou Page:754—757
37. Effect of HPA gene polymorphism and its alleles on platelet transfusion Page:744—747
38. Possibility of blood transfusion in obstetric surgery and its effect on preoperative blood preparation Page:740—742
39. Analysis of influencing factors of platelet transfusion during bone marrow empty window period on patients with allogeneic peripheral blood stem cell transplantation Page:733—736
40. Blood transfusion affects the lengths of stay, costs and outcomes of hospital patients Page:727—729
41. The application of preoperative autologous blood donation in selective operation of 1 026 patients Page:724—726
42. Correlation analysis between platelet parameters and efficacy of platelet transfusion and prognosis Page:719—721
43. The significance of thromboelastography and coagulation tests in guiding cardiac surgery patients perioperative blood transfusion Page:716—718
44. Effect of perioperative blood transfusion on outcome of patients in orthopedic surgery Page:714—716
45. A comprehensive assessment of perioperative blood transfusion in liver transplantation Page:711—713
46. Plasma exchange followed by chemotherapy treatment for multiple-myeloma patients with high viscosity syndrome and renal dysfunction: a clinical analysis Page:708—710
47. Comparative analysis of risk degree of bleeding in patients with different kinds of hematonosis Page:706—708
48. The influence of specimen storage time to platelet count in unpaid blood donors of platelets Page:704—705
49. The study on nucleic acid testing for bacterial detection and its preliminary application on concentrated platelet Page:702—704
50. Identification of anti-C alloantibodies accompanying anti-e autoantibodies Page:693—695
51. Establishment of reference range for thromboelastography in pregnancy Page:687—689
52. Genotype analysis of ABO blood group system in 178 Chinese population of four nationalities Page:684—686
53. Analysis of serological and genetic test results of rare Ax14 subtypes in a young child Page:682—684
54. Molecularmechanism of Bel subtype caused by mutation p.R168W of glycosyltransferase B Page:679—681
55. A novel variation of B allele is responsible for ABweak phonetype Page:676—678
56. Relationship between HLA antibodies produceand the number of gravidity Page:674—676
57. Study on prevalence and mutation of amino acid sequence in S gene of OBI blood donors in three blood centers in China Page:762—766
58. Investigation and analysis of clinical application of washed red blood cells Page:760—761
59. Efficacy analysis of bloodless surgery in patients with congenital heart disease Page:752—753
60. Solid-phase screening of antibodies in blood and its effect on clinical blood transfusion Page:748—751
61. Evaluation of the effect of ALT activity on blood donors in Guangzhou Blood Center Page:796—798