WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Journal of Blood Transfusion> 1988> 0> 04

Volume: 0 Issue: 04

1. Hypotensive Test of Rats by Intravenous Immunoglobulin Page:—
2. Determination of PKA Activity by Microtiter Plate Method Page:—
3. Method of Determination of PKA Acti-vity in Human Plasma Protein Products Page:—
4. Treatment of Female Patients with Unexplained Miscarriage by Injecting the lymphocytes of Their Husbands Page:—
5. Study of Using Intravenous High-Titred Hapatitis B Immunoglobulin to Prevent Post-transfused Hepatitis B Page:—
6. The Effect of Preserving Platelet Concentrate with Acidified Glucose Nutrient Solution Page:—
7. Serologic Follow-up Survey of Hepatitis C Virus and Hepatitis B Virus Infection in Plasmapheresis Donors in Guan County Page:—
8. Investigation on Anti-HCV in Blood Donors in Beijing and Some Areas of Hebei Province Page:—
9. External Quality Assessment of Testing Sera for HBsAg in Nationwide Blood Bank System Page:—
10. Comparison between Different Methods and Reagents for Testing Anti-HCV in Blood Donors Page:—
11. A Study on the Generative Rate of Pseudomonas Fluorescens Page:—
12. Transferrin C Subtypes and D Variants in Chinese by Ultrathin Layer Isoelectric Focusing Page:—
13. Effects of Blood Transfusion and Cyclophosphamide on the Bone Marrow Transplantation in Rats with Lethal ?-irradiation Page:—
14. A Dynamical Observation on the Activity of 9 Kinds of Coagulation Factors in Banked Blood Page:—
15. Animal Experiment and Clinical Observation of Using the Cryoprecipitate Ocusilla for Treatment of Corneal Epithelial wounds and Disorders Page:—
16. Observation on the Quality and Usage of Domestic Multiple Plastic Packs Page:—
17. Determination of Fibronectin in Cryoprecipitate and Dynamics Observation in Acute Leukemia Page:—
18. Pasteurization of Human plasma ?_2-Macroglobulin Preparation Page:—
19. Test of Blood Donor Sera for HBs Ag and Anti-HBs and its Significance Page:—
20. Study of Quality of Human Immunoglobulin Separated by the Rivanol-Cold Ethanol Combination Method(R-E) Page:—
21. Laboratory Study of Protein Factor Page:—
22. Preliminary Results of Photochemical Inactivation of Parvovirus in Plasma Page:—
23. In vitro Study on Inhibition of HBV Replication and Expression by Antisense Oligodeoxynucleotides toward HBV Regulation Gene ENⅡ Page:—
24. Cloning and Screening of Mutant Human Hemoglobin Gene(?_(99) ,?_(82) Lys→Cys) Page:—
25. The Effect of Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor (bFGF) on the Grafting Ability of CD34~+Cord Blood Cells Page:—
26. Investigation on the Mode of Double Testing of Blood for Virus Markers Page:—
27. Rare blood group screening among Chinese blood donors in Shanghai area Page:—
28. Experimental study of co-immunizations of HIV-1 gag-hIL-2 recombinant vaccinia virus and DNA vaccine pIRES-gag-hIL-2 Page:—
29. Expansion of cord blood primitive and committed progenitors cells in vitro Page:—
30. Research on molecular genetic basis for Jk(a-b-) phenotype Page:—
31. A study of FUT2 gene point mutation in the Chinese Han Population Page:—
32. Chemical camouflage of like human B antigens on Rhesus monkey red blood cells with methoxy polyethylene glycol Page:—
33. Factors influencing the assay of ?_1-antitrypsin bioactivity Page:—
34. Detection of RhD antigen by flow cytometry and its clinical applications Page:—
35. Molecular study on Ax subgroup in Chinese population Page:—
36. Removal of human B-like antigen on cynomolgus monkey RBC by ?-galactosidase treatment Page:—
37. Evaluation of the effects of methylene blue photochemical viral inactivation of red blood cells by using animal models Page:—
38. Blood component transfusion in pregnants women and parturient complicated with disseminated intravascular coagulation Page:—
39. HCMV inactivation of blood products by methylene blue photochemical treatment Page:—
40. NAT testing for HBV,HCV,HIV on donors' samples negative by ELISA tests Page:—
41. In vitro induction of p210~(Bcr-Abl) protein-specific cytotoxic T cell responses using 562 cell total RNA transfected human dendritic cells Page:—
42. Identification of a novel HLA-A~*0290 allele by sequencing-based typing Page:—
43. Changes of hematological indices of blood donors after 400ml whole-blood donation Page:—
44. Establishing a trapezoid micro-plate method to detect ABO blood group in serum Page:—
45. Identification of a novel HLA class Ⅰ allele,B~*1316 Page:—
46. The feasibility of platelet long cryopreserved at-80℃ Page:—
47. Carrier detection and prenatal diagnosis of haemophilia Page:—
48. Genotyping and sequence analysis of Rh deletion D——individuals and their family members Page:—
49. Analysis of the different gene expression profiles between lung adenocarcinoma stem cells and normal lung stem cells with cDNA microarrays Page:—
50. Study of the bone marrow mononuclear cell apheresis procedure and clinical applications Page:—
51. Allelic polymorphism of human leukocyte antigen-DRB1~* 04 in Chinese Han populations Page:—
52. Establishment of eight human platelet antigen systems and HLA-Ⅰ antigen donor bank in Guangzhou area Page:—
53. A Transfusion-Associated GVHD Page:—
54. Investigation on SARS in Beijing volunteer blood donors Page:—