WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Journal of Blood Transfusion> 1988> 0> 02

Volume: 0 Issue: 02

1. The Investigation of HLA-DR and DQ in Shanghai Crowd of Han Nationality Page:—
2. Estimatin of the Storage Time of Human Blood Superoxide Dismutase in Two Preparation Forms at the Room Temperature Page:—
3. Relationship Between the HBV Markers in Donors and the Rates of Post-Trans-fusion HBV Infection in Recipients Page:—
4. Separative Purification of and Characteristic Research on Human Blood Type Substance P1 Page:—
5. Study on Partial Purification of the Native Human Gamma Interferon (HuIFN-?) Page:—
6. Testing the Human Serum for HBsAg by Ultrasensitive Chemiluminescent Photographic Detection-Dot-ELISA Technique Page:—
7. Efeect on Inner Circumstances during Plasma Exchange Page:—
8. Investigation on Donors' Blood Lipoids,Blood Composition and Hemorrheological Indexes Page:—
9. Preliminary Treatment of Separating Albumin from Autoplasma by Heating Page:—
10. Detection of HLA and Platelet-Associated Antibodies after Blood Transfusion and Its Meaning Page:—
11. ENGLISH ABSTRACTS OF ORIGINAL ARTICLES——Effect of Transfusion with Stored Blood after Combined Radiation-Burn Injury on Immune Reaction of Allo-Skin Grafted Rats Page:—
12. Distribution of HLA-A,B,C,DR and DQ Antigens in Mulao Nationality in Guangxi Area Page:—
13. Experimental Study of Red Ceils Suspension in SAGS Solution:Ⅱ.Observation of Mutagenicity by Ames Method Page:—
14. Study of Preparing the Red Cell Reagent Serum by Sepharose 4B Immunoadsorption Page:—
15. Study on the Antibody of a Case of -D- Page:—
16. Granulocyte Transfusion:A Report of 15 Cases Page:—
17. Meningococcus Group A Immunoglobulin Therapy for Meningococcal Infection Page:—
18. The Relation Between Aplastic Anemia and ABO Blood Group Page:—
19. Investigations of Antibodies in Immunogloblin Prepared from Human Venous Blood and Human Placental Blood Page:—
20. Test of Blood Donors for Human Cytomegalovirus Infection by Polymerase Chain Reaction Page:—
21. Research on Preparation of Leukocyte-Poor Platelet Concentrates by Centrifugation Page:—
22. DRB PCR-Single-Strand Coaformation Polymorphism Analysis of HLA-DR Page:—
23. Study of G-6-PD Deficiency of Blood Donors in Suining Region, Sichuan Province and Influence of Being Transfused with Blood from Donors Eating Broad Beans on Children with Favism Page:—
24. Aproaching the Method of Cryopreserving Hemopoietic Stem Cells in Cord Blood Page:—
25. Observation on the Hepatic Histology and Serology Changes in HCV-infected Blood Donors Page:—
26. Analysis of the Biological Activity of and the Residual SD in the Prothrombin Complex Concentrate after Inactivation of Virus by SD Page:—
27. Serial Expression of Human ?,? globin Genes in Escherichia coli Page:—
28. Effect of type Ⅰ and type Ⅱ quenchers on virus inactivation and red cell cytotoxicity Page:—
29. Astudy on the efficiency of polyethersulfone hollow fiber membrane automatic plasma collector Page:—
30. Flow cytometry detection of CD62p reexpression by preserved platelets and it's value in evaluation of the quality of preserved platelets Page:—
31. Dynamic variation of HCV hypervariable region gene and homology analysis Page:—
32. Serologic evidence of quality improvement of domestic HIV-antibody detecting ELISA kits Page:—
33. Isolation of SEN virus and sequence analysis of partial gene in sera from blood donors Page:—
34. Molecular genetic analysis of Ael subgroup of the ABO blood group system Page:—
35. Human bone marrow stromal cells in combination with exogenous cytokines to support in vitro expansion of cord blood CD_(34)~+ cells Page:—
36. Restoration of biochemical function and morphology of stored outdated erythrocytes Page:—
37. Effect of heating on stored erythrocytes while stationary in an incubator Page:—
38. Analysis of genomic structure of a novel RHD allele Page:—
39. Study of RHD genes among RhD negative individuals in Hainan province,China Page:—
40. Detection of HBV DNA with full automatic system and HBV genotyping in blood donor screening Page:—
41. HCV-RNA testing of 28098 blood donors and follow up of some positive cases Page:—
42. Analysis of the factors affecting voluntary blood donation, an investigation among blood donors in Chengdu Page:—
43. ABO-incompatible sibling allogeneic peripheral blood stem cell transplantation (allo-PBSCT) Page:—
44. In vitro protection of Jurkat cells from daunorubicin induced apoptosis by normal bone marrow stromal cells Page:—
45. Effectiveness of transfusion of whole blood derived platelets compared to apheresis platelets Page:—
46. Effect of an oral calcium load on serum electrolytes and PTH concentrations in healthy apheresis platelet donors Page:—
47. Study on the molecular genetic basis of weak D phenotypes in Han population of Northern China Page:—
48. Changes of the expression of adhesion molecules on CD34~+ cells during the rhG-CSF mobilization Page:—
49. Effect of ~(137)Cs-irradiation on the components of buffy coat Page:—
50. Study of positive and negative magnetic activated cell sorting separation of platelet purification Page:—
51. The experimental study of the influence of FN-TPO gene modified mesenchymal stem cells on cord-blood hematopoietic stem cell engraftment Page:—
52. Quality and clinical application of leukocyte-depleted blood components Page:—
53. Detect and characterize platelet-reactive antibodies in patients who were refractory to platelet transfusions Page:—
54. Allele-related variations in the CCAAT-binding factor/NF-Y enhancer region of the A_2 blood group Page:—
55. Induced CD4~+ CD25~+T lymphocytes in rhG-CSF mobilized peripheral blood by TGF-?_1 Page:—