Volume: 30 Issue: 3

1. Influence on gene expression induced by arsenic. Page:236—238
2. Progress in the medical prevention of non-ionizing radiation injury. Page:233—235
3. Research of occupational exposure limit for ultraviolet radiation in China and foreign countries. Page:230—232
4. The research progress on the effects of genetic damage induced by power frequency magnetic fields with harmful physical and chemical factors. Page:227—229
5. The role of reactive oxygen species in biological effects induced by extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields. Page:223—226
6. The experimental study of therapeutical effects of KANGFUXINYE on upper gastrointestinal injury induced by paraquat in rats. Page:220—222
7. The investigation of DNA double-strand breaks of lymphocytes in workers exposed to lead and DNA double-strand breaks of human lymphocytes induced by lead in vitro. Page:216—219
8. The effects of 1,2-dichloroethane on the cellular proliferation, cellular cycle and apoptosis of SW620 cells in vitro. Page:213—216
9. The relationship between career decision-making self efficacy and anxiety. Page:207—209
10. Survey on individual occupational health protection behaviors of welding workers using theory of reasoned action. Page:205—207
11. Influential factors on psychosocial health of the migrant workers in Guangzhou. Page:201—204
12. Analyzing the factors of influencing the musculoskeletal disorders of greenhouse vegetable farmers. Page:198—200
13. Application of auditory brainstem response (ABR) and 40 Hz auditory event related potential (40 Hz AERP) to the diagnosis of occupational noise-induced hearing impairment. Page:196—198
14. Effects of extremely low frequency electromagnetic radiation on cardiovascular system of workers. Page:194—195
15. Experimental anticoagulant therapy of acute lung injury induced by paraquat. Page:190—193
16. The effects of oxidative damage induced by organic oxidant t-BHP on cochlear hair cells. Page:186—189
17. Effects of electromagnetic pulse exposure on the permeability of inner blood-retinal barrier model in vitro. Page:181—185
18. The effects of extremely low frequency electromagnetic field exposure on the pH of the adult male semen and the motoricity parameters of spermatozoa in vitro. Page:178—180
19. The injury effects of microwave exposure on visual performance and retinal ganglion cells (RGCs) in rats. Page:172—177
20. The pathological changes and apoptosis of spleen lymphocytes in mice induced by electromagnetic pulses. Page:168—171
21. Effects of electromagnetic pulse exposure on the morphological change and excretion function of BV-2 cells and possible mechanism. Page:163—167
22. The in vitro EMF bioeffect research: current status and future directions. Page:161—162