Volume: 30 Issue: 2

1. Effects of early postnatal exposure to dieldrin on synaptic development of striatum in mice. Page:97—102
2. Effects of hemoperfusion on oxidative stress, matrix metalloproteinases and their inhibitors in acute paraquat poisoning rabbits. Page:89—96
3. Changes of cdk5, p35 and p53 gene expression levels in arsenic-induced neural cell apoptosis. Page:85—88
4. Effects of acrylamide on the permeability of blood cerebrospinal fluid barrier in rats. Page:81—84
5. Development of exposure measurement of ultrafine particles in workplace. Page:152—154
6. Comparative analysis on the occupational exposure limits of the synthetic vitreous fibers insulation wools. Page:149—151
7. Study on the standard of health protection zone for petroleum processing industry. Page:146—148
8. Determination of hydrogen selenide in workplace air with atomic fluorescence. Page:144—145
9. Determination of dimethyl ether in workplace air with gas chromatography. Page:142—143
10. Effect comparison of Wright-Giemsa stain under different conditions and its apply in cell micronucleus test. Page:139—141
11. Ion chromatography for determination of ammonia sampled by silica gel in air of workplace. Page:137—139
12. Determination of brodifacoum in rat plasma by HPLC. Page:135—136
13. The clinical analysis of 51 taxi drivers with peptic ulcer. Page:131—132
14. Pathology and neurophysiology analysis for peripheral neuropathy of four patients with chemicals poisoning. Page:126—130
15. The rescue modalities and etiology of acute organic solvent poisoning. Page:123—125
16. Effects of lead on protein kinase C expression in U251 cell line. Page:120—122
17. A comprehensive evaluation of intervention effects on workplace health promotion in a pharmaceutical company. Page:115—118
18. Study on effect of backrest thickness to lumbar muscle fatigue during computer work. Page:113—114