Volume: 30 Issue: 10

1. The Effect biomarkers of n-hexane peripheral neurotoxicity. Page:789—791
2. Review of Carcinogenesis threshold of Chemical Carcinogen. Page:786—788
3. The relationship between Poly (ADP-ribosyl) polymerase-1 and DNA methylation and the underlying possible mechanism. Page:783—785
4. Therapeutic efficacy of Jinshuibao capsules in treatment of silicosis. Page:781—782
5. Therapeutic efficacy of tetrandrine tablets combined with matrine injection in treatment of silicosis. Page:778—780
6. Effect of JNK signal transduction pathway in intense noise-induced apoptosis of vestibular hair cells in guinea pigs. Page:772—775
7. A meta-analysis on combined effects of benzene series and noise exposure on hearing. Page:769—771
8. Analysis about causes of death in cases of Pneumoconiosis from a Mining Group in 1963-2010. Page:767—768
9. Analysis of incidence and trends of occupational diseases in Wuxi 2009 - 2011. Page:765—766
10. A ten-year retrospectively analysis on occupational health damage of Indium Smelters. Page:763—764
11. Epidemiological study of occupational diseases in Guangzhou City, China in 2001 - 2010. Page:759—762
12. Analysis of monitoring results of occupational hazard factors in workplaces in Zhejiang Province, China in 2006 - 2010. Page:756—758
13. Development of peripheral neuropathy rat model induced by 1-bromopropane. Page:751—755
14. Changes in autophagy-related protein levels in nervous tissues of hens with tri-ortho-cresyl phosphate-induced delayed neuropathy. Page:748—750
15. Regulatory effect of miR-181a on expression of c-fos in cochlear hair cells. Page:742—747
16. One-year continuous observation of change in peripheral T cell subsets in workers exposed to low levels of benzene. Page:739—741
17. Effects of multi-walled carbon nano onions on platelet adhesion and experimental thrombogenesis in rats. Page:735—738
18. Effect of lead exposure on gene expression of Fgf3 in zebrafish embryonic development. Page:730—734
19. Expression of A-kinase anchor protein 95, cyclin E2, and connexin 43 in lung cancer tissue, clinical significance of their expression, and their expression correlation. Page:725—729