Volume: 29 Issue: 3

1. Investigation on the occupational hazard of noise in a hydroelectric plant. Page:240—240
2. Six cases injured by high pressure print spraying. Page:239—239
3. A meta analysis on neuro-behavioral function of the workers exposed to manganism occupationally. Page:235—238
4. A review on the reproductive health of males exposed to radiation by shipping radar microwave. Page:232—234
5. Clinical study on simvastatin treatment of pulmonary hypertension in patients with coal worker's pneumoconiosis. Page:230—231
6. Clinical study of dynamic change of inflammatory factors in serum of acute paraquat rats. Page:227—229
7. Effect on expression of vascular smooth muscle cell calcium channel in rats exposed in low temperature. Page:224—226
8. Abnormal increase in CD8(low) T lymphocyte in patients with occupational chronic lead poisoning. Page:222—223
9. Effects of intervene on occupational health knowledge, attitude and practice of people with occupational disease risk in private enterprises. Page:219—221
10. A cross-sectional study on the industrial noise over-limit status in Guangzhou factories. Page:216—219
11. Study on the prognosis of patients with acute paraquat intoxication. Page:212—215
12. The effects of infrasound on the blood coagulation function of guinea pigs. Page:209—211
13. Relationship between MnSOD polymorphisms and susceptibility of chronic poisoning exposed to manganism occupationally. Page:206—208
14. Evaluation of different oxygen therapies on therapeutic effects in rats with acute carbon dioxide poisoning. Page:202—205
15. The expression changes of N-methyl-D-aspartic acid receptor in hippocampus of offspring from female rats exposed to aluminum in the pregnancy and lactation. Page:198—201
16. The effect of DNA methyltransferase 1 low expression on the global genome DNA methylation status of 16HBE cell. Page:194—197
17. Musculoskeletal disorders and risk factors of workers in a coal mine. Page:190—193
18. Analysis of musculoskeletal disorders, work load and working postures among manufacturing workers. Page:184—189
19. Survey on prevalence of occupational musculoskeletal disorders among workers in a shipyard. Page:180—183
20. The interactive effect of job task and psychosocial factors on work-related musculoskeletal disorders. Page:176—179
21. An accident of trichlorosilane explosion. Page:175—175
22. A field study on the work load and muscle fatigue at neck-shoulder in female sewing machine operators by using surface electromyography. Page:171—175
23. Experimental simulated study on the break for manual lifting task by surface electromyography and electrocardiogram. Page:167—170
24. The analysis of factors influencing the work related musculoskeletal disorders of oil drillers. Page:163—166
25. Targeting ergonomics interventions towards promoting occupational health and safety. Page:161—162