Volume: 21 Issue: 3

1. Strategy considerations in public health in China. Page:161—162
2. Study on the expression of C-erbB-2 gene in coal miners with pneumoconiosis complicated by pulmonary cancer. Page:169—171
3. 31 cases of pneumoconiosis complicated with acute myocardial infarction in coal miners. Page:171—171
4. Study on the pulmonary fibrogenetic effect induced by rush-mat dust in rats. Page:172—174
5. Morphological transformation of mouse NIH3T3 cells induced by nickel refining dusts in vitro. Page:175—178
6. The effect of silicon dioxide on the activation of nuclear factor-kappaB in THP-1 cells. Page:179—181
7. Immunohistochemical method for the detecting expression of transforming growth factor-beta1 in lung tissues of silica-treated mice. Page:182—184
8. RT-PCR method for detecting the expression of transforming growth factor-beta1 gene in lung tissues of silica-treated mice. Page:185—187
9. Potential biochemical mechanisms of neuromuscular junction transmission dysfunction induced by organophosphorus insecticides. Page:191—193
10. Effects of deltamethrin on cell survival rate and intracellular free Ca2+ concentration in primary cultured astrocytes of rat. Page:194—196
11. Effects of pyrethroids on the activity of gamma-aminobutyric acid transferase in rat brain. Page:197—199
12. Effects of organophosphates on cell proliferation and 45Ca uptake of neuroblastoma SH-SY5Y cells. Page:200—202
13. Tobacco "pneumoconiosis". Page:202—202
14. Effects of treatment with redox agent, blood transfusion and scopolamine on 200 patients with severe chlorphenamidine poisoning. Page:203—205
15. Application of T grain technique to the diagnosis of lung disease and analysis of its image quality. Page:206—208
16. Recent study in relationship of cytokines to etiology of Pneumoconiosis . Page:216—219
17. Progresses in studies of cellular mechanism of pulmonary fibrosis. Page:219—221
18. Mechanism and effect of taurine on pulmonary fibrosis. Page:221—223
19. Investigation of pneumoconiosis in a factory . Page:224—224
20. Blood lipids and lipoproteins in acute organophosphorus insecticide poisoning patients. Page:225—225
21. Ginkgo biloba extract protection in acute paraquat poisoning of rat lung tissue . Page:226—227
22. Acute poisoning in freight workers. Page:227—227
23. Effects of organophosphate insecticide on blood nitric oxide in rabbits. Page:228—228
24. Effect of sea water submersion on heart in rats . Page:229—230
25. Investigation of hearing in noise exposed workers in a factory. Page:230—230
26. Experiment on chromosome aberration in human lymphocytes due to arsenic exposure. Page:231—231
27. 4 cases of pneumonectomy in silicosis misdiagnosed as lung cancer. Page:232—232
28. Effect of salmeterol on function of bronchi in pneumoconiosis of coal miners. Page:233—234
29. Intravenous immunoglobulin infusion treatment for pneumoconiosis complicated with severe asthma in coal miners . Page:234—235
30. 11 cases of treatment of acute food poisoning . Page:235—236
31. Blood transfusion for the treatment of poisoning. Page:237—237
32. 46 cases of aplastic anemia caused by benzene. Page:238—238
33. Regulation of acute occupational poisoning conditions in 27 companies . Page:239—239
34. Study of methods of determining amount of airborne thionyl chloride in the workplace. Page:240—240
35. Occupational health of medical personnel. Page:163—165
36. Epidemiological study of gem worker's silicosis. Page:166—168
37. Case of occupational autoimmune alveolar pneumonia. Page:168—168
38. Effect of modified ricin on the reduction of hepatotoxicity in mice. Page:209—211
39. The mechanism of JWA gene involved in oxidative stress of cells. Page:212—215
40. Delta-aminolevulinic acid urine level in people with no lead contact in China . Page:187—187
41. Effect of paraoxon and chlorpyrifos on the nicotinic autoreceptor function in rat cortical synaptosomes. Page:188—190
42. Case of CO poisoning of cement factory workers . Page:190—190