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Volume: 42 Issue: 1

1. Concept research of Zhishengquan Page:1—3
2. Research and application of disruptive technology identification methods Page:4—8,12
3. Battlefield extremity injuries and time-effect treatment Page:9—12
4. Preparation and preliminary evaluation of chitosan composite KGF-2 mutant thermal sensitive dressing Page:13—16
5. Application of asymmetric physiologically inert gas kinetics in diving decompression calculation Page:17—20
6. Principle design and simulation of a single longitudinal-arm suspension of a rescue robot Page:21—25
7. Safety evaluation of drinking water along the border of Inner Mongolia Page:26—28,48
8. Effect of MCUR1 on proliferation,cell cycle and apoptosis of K562 cells Page:29—33,43
9. Cloning,expression and biological activity of m6A binding protein YTHDF2 Page:34—37
10. Effects of ZNF331 overexpression on human colon cancer cell proliferation and apoptosis Page:38—43
11. Construction of BRCC3 gene knockout mice and preliminary analysis of the pheno-type Page:44—48
12. Protective effects and possible mechanism of 12-O-tetradecanoylophorbol-13-decano-ate against acute intestinal radiation injury of mice Page:49—52
13. Evaluation of target-enrichment accompanied by next-generation sequencing for detection of four pathogens in bloodstream infections Page:53—56
14. Evaluation of activity of botulinum neurotoxin A based on primary cerebellar granu-losa cells Page:57—59
15. Effects of sleep deprivation on liver circadian clock gene expression in rats Page:60—63
16. Pleurodesis in the treatment of systemic lupus erythematosus complicated with refrac-tory pleural effusion Page:64—67
17. An overview of the removal of algal toxins by water treatment process Page:68—71,76
18. Current development of fluorescent probes for cellular reactive oxygen species Page:72—76