WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Military Medical Sciences> 2017> 41> 9

Volume: 41 Issue: 9

1. Experimental research on parameters of red blood cells in additive solution leukocytes reduced preserved in navy ship force Page:742—744
2. Improved treatment of frozen red blood cells by red blood cell processing technology Page:727—729,738
3. Preliminary study on conventional passive transportation kit used vacuum insulated panel Page:719—722
4. Vibration resistance of conventional blood transportation kits Page:714—718
5. Specific cytotoxicity of natural killer cells against hepatocellular carcinoma and potential mechanism Page:775—783
6. Effects of vibration on red blood cells stored for different lengths of time Page:755—757
7. NOTCH signaling of the vascular niche prompts differentiation of functional HSCs from hPSCs Page:767—774,785
8. Visualization of proliferation activity of luminescent bacteria in different physiological media Page:762—766
9. Effects of extreme environmental conditions on sensitivity and specificity of collodial gold immunochromatography products Page:758—761
10. Effect of simulated transportation vibration on suspended erythrocyte quality Page:752—754,761
11. A preliminary study of emergency blood collection during a long-distance voyage Page:749—751
12. Biochemical indices of red blood cells in additive solution leukocytes reduced preserved in navy ship force during a long voyage Page:745—748,751
13. Changes of coagulation factors stored for different lengths of time after fresh frozen plasma melting Page:739—741
14. Effect of temperature and humidity on blood quality of whole blood of emergency blood collection Page:735—738
15. Metabolism evaluation of blood quality after marine storage and transportation Page:730—734,741
16. Protocol of dialysis-type processing on frozen platelets Page:723—726
17. Blood storage effect of blood transportation boxes made of phase-changed material in extreme cold region of the plain Page:711—713
18. Effect of blood containers containing phase-changed material on quality of stored RBCs on the sea Page:707—710