WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Military Medical Sciences> 2017> 41> 8

Volume: 41 Issue: 8

1. Regulation system for generation and maintenance of circadian rhythms Page:698—702
2. Clinical study of chronic pain after breast cancer surgery Page:680—683
3. Analysis of noninvasive hemodynamics in patients with cardiac disfunction during different periods Page:675—679
4. Applicability of SA-SVM classifier to auxiliary diagnosis of renal involvement in SLE Page:670—674
5. Exploration and optimization of processes for key intermediates of phosphorodiamidate morpholino oligonucleotides Page:662—666
6. Non-fastidous antibiotic-resistance bacteria pollution in tap water Page:658—661
7. Protective effect of metformin on PC12 cell injury induced by hypoxia Page:652—657
8. Research progress in creatine supplementation and resistance training in sarcopenia Page:703—706
9. Research progress in health protection procedures for troops at high altitude Page:694—697
10. Development of time resolved fluorescence microparticle-conjugated anti-human procalcitonin antibody for homogeneous immunoassay Page:689—693
11. Hot spot tracking and analysis of frontier evolution path of SLE Page:684—688
12. The influence of plateau on 24 h ambulatory blood pressure of healthy young males Page:667—669,683
13. DNA damage effects on human skin keratinocytes induced by sulphur mustard Page:647—651
14. Analysis of global trends in military medicine research Page:642—646
15. Construction and development of a training system for military pharmacy professionals Page:638—641
16. Research and development of the scenario database for high altitude military medical comprehensive exercise Page:635—637
17. Visual changes and influencing factors of teenager aviation school students Page:631—634
18. Analysis of load resistance related body circumferences of students in teenager aviation schools Page:627—630