WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Military Medical Sciences> 2017> 41> 12

Volume: 41 Issue: 12

1. Ubiquitin ligase Smurf1 promotes poly-ubiquitination of PDK1 Page:947—951
2. Role of Abro1 in LPS-induced acute lung injury Page:952—955,961
3. Expression of inflammatory factors in hippocampal subregions of rats after cerebral ischemia-reperfusion Page:956—961
4. A highly efficient approach to introduction of the single-base mutation in a plasmid containing adenovirus genome through Red recombination Page:962—967
5. Therapeutic effect of low dose interleukin-2 on experimental autoimmune encephalo-myelitis in mice Page:968—972,977
6. Antibiotic-resistant mechanisms of plasmid pA1137 carrying aminoglycoside resistance gene aacC2 Page:973—977
7. Role of enterohemorrhagic E.coli toxin gene z5150 in cell adhesion Page:978—982
8. Effect of Astragalus injection on thyroid radiation injury Page:983—986
9. Bioinformatics analysis of Stenotrophomonas maltophilia outer membrane protein OmpA Page:987—990
10. Characteristics of pulmonary ventilation volumes under different exercise intensity with time Page:991—993
11. Investigation and disposal of an outbreak of respiratory adenovirus type 7 in a university Page:994—997
12. Fabrication and characterization of three-dimensional cartilage nano-scaffolds based on extracellular matrix Page:998—1003
13. A comprehensive evaluation of war injury care and treatment capacity in field medical facilities based on the analytic hierarchy process(AHP)method Page:1004—1008
14. Design and implementation of big data ad-hoc queries and statistics subsystem for miliary electronic health records Page:1009—1012
15. A case-control study of bone mineral density and its influencing factors in 2079 recruits Page:1013—1016
16. Correlations of altitude and duration on the plateau with heart rate and oxygen satu-ration of young men Page:1017—1020
17. Evaluation of multiple oxygenation indexes in acute respiratory distress syndrome Page:1021—1024,1026