WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Military Medical Sciences> 2017> 41> 11

Volume: 41 Issue: 11

1. Variations and influencing factors of distant vision of students in two Air Force youth aviation schools in Northeast China Page:867—870
2. Improvement of nasal examination procedures for primary medical selection in Air Force pilots Page:871—874
3. Effects of long-term microwave irradiation on NMDAR, BDNF and related molecular expression in their signal pathways in rat hippocampus Page:875—880
4. Immunohistochemically stained sections against different anti-Mam-A epitopes for in situ breast cancer diagnosis Page:881—886
5. Identification of molecular mechanism of necroptosis mediated by PI3K Page:887—893,928
6. Effects of sleep deprivation on spleen circadian clock gene expression in rats Page:894—897
7. Translocator protein mediated anti-PTSD effects of YL-IPA08 Page:898—901,937
8. Establishment and evaluation of PCR-array for detection of six common pathogens of purulent meningitis in children Page:902—905
9. An area CCD-based detection system for up-converting phosphor immune lateral flow assay Page:906—911
10. A simulating fracture manual reduction training system based on virtual reality technology Page:912—916
11. Implementation of Biological Weapons Convention in China Page:917—922
12. United States bioterror attacks and laboratory accidents in recent years and the impact on its policy-making Page:923—928
13. Construction of semantic relations of the top-level ontology of military medicine Page:929—933
14. 1H-MRS and its application in study of microwave induced impairment of learning and memory: a review Page:934—937
15. Host contributions to Ebola virus replication, transcription and translation:research advances Page:938—941