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Volume: Issue: 4

1. Design of an interpersonal climate questionnaire for education research teams Page:301—304
2. Protocols of improving red blood cells processing devices Page:298—300
3. Effectiveness evaluation of personalized medication for cardiovascular drugs based on the CYP2 C9 protein Page:294—297
4. Changes in EEG approximate entropy of frontal lobes induced by sustained perform-ance Page:273—276
5. U.S.Armed Forces′casualties distribution forecast simulation and statistical analysis Page:270—272
6. Effect of acute high altitude exposure on lung functions and relationship between lung function and AMS Page:248—251
7. Biological warfare agent detection technology and research progress Page:312—316
8. Microsurgical treatment of aneurysms of posterior circulation Page:309—311
9. Construction of evaluation index system for military medical novelty retrieval organi-zations Page:305—308
10. Biological characteristics and sequence typing analysis of S.flexneri 4c in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenyang of China Page:290—293
11. In vitro assessment of increasing cytotoxicity of Veratrum nigrum induced by Panax ginseng Page:285—289
12. Effect of different military stress loads and modes on level of stress hormones in rats Page:277—280
13. A chemical terrorist attack in the post-CWC era Page:266—269
14. Low altitude assessment of arterial blood pressure predicts susceptibility to acute mountain sickness at high altitude Page:255—258
15. Analysis of risk factors of pulmonary hypertension in healthy Chinese young males after rapid ascent to high altitude Page:241—244
16. Early warning of high altitude pulmonary edema Page:254—256
17. Intervention of AMD3100 in lung tissues of rats during pulmonary oxygen intoxication Page:250—253
18. Effect of military performance stress on sympathetic adrenal medulla in submariners Page:245—249
19. Comparison of common decompression tables for routine heliox diving Page:319—321
20. Technology for rapid detection of trace microbes Page:316—318
21. Advances in biological spectroscopy detection of pathogenic microorganisms Page:311—315
22. Preparation of a new surface-enhanced Raman scattering substrate and its applica-tion to the detection of E.coli Page:306—310
23. Preparation of a novel monoclonal antibody againstα-galactosidase from Bacteroides fragilis for detection of minimal residual enzyme in universal red blood cells Page:302—305
24. Metrology and visualized analysis of H5N1 virus:a research of literature Page:296—301
25. Death patterns of patients in Department of Respiratory Care Unit of General Hospi-tal of PLA Page:288—291
26. Treatment of anastomotic stricture after biliary-intestinal anastomosis with percuta-neous transhepatic cholangial drainage and balloon dilatation Page:284—287
27. Value of combination strategy based on plasma aldosterone/renin concentration ratio in screening of primary aldosteronism Page:279—283
28. Expression and significance of IL-10 and TGF-β1 in serum of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus Page:276—278
29. Synthesis of iloperidone Page:271—275
30. Theme clusters and evolutions of research on medical protection against nerve agents Page:261—265
31. A cloud computing-based implementation of regional medical information sharing Page:257—260
32. Interpretation and contemplation of U.S.Precision Medicine Initiative Page:241—244
33. Change in ventricular repolarization among healthy young males exposed to high altitude Page:259—261,280
34. Effect and mechanism of pulmonary artery pressure on exercise capacity after acute high altitude exposure Page:252—254,258
35. Metrology and visualized analysis of anthrax research literature Page:292—295,318
36. Metabonomics analysis of effects induced by PCBs and high fat diet combined expo-sure in SD rats Page:266—270,301