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Volume: Issue: 10

1. Clinical observation of pulmonary function in patients of be severe secondary hyperparathyroidism caused by uremia Page:819—822
2. Effect of Radix Isatidis polysaccharide on nitric oxide and endothelin-1 after ortho-topic liver autotransplantation in rats Page:814—818
3. Determination of contents and related substances of demethyl levophencynonate hydrochloride tablets by HPLC Page:811—813
4. Animal cell screening system based on GS efficient expression vector and its application Page:807—810
5. Effect of MACC1 inhibition by small interference RNA on Xuanwei lung cancer cell XWLC-05 angiogenesis and its mechanism Page:803—806
6. Prokaryotic expression, purification, identification, and polyclonal antibody prepa-ration of enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli effector NleB1 Page:799—802
7. Effect of typeⅢsecretion system deficient mutant of E.coli O157∶H7 on attachment of HeLa cells Page:795—798
8. Effect of Paecilomyces hepiali mycelium on physical fatigue and hypoxia in mice Page:784—790
9. Establishment and evaluation of a whole-body dynamic inhalation exposure system Page:780—783
10. Advances in research on oximes as antagonists of nerve agent Page:837—841
11. Germination of Bacillus anthracis spores:research advances Page:833—836
12. Analysis of cooperation networks based on SCI papers from military hospitals Page:828—832
13. Military medical literature collection:construction and analysis Page:823—827
14. Clearance of insoluble depleted uranium particles in lungs by citric acid and ambroxol Page:775—779
15. Effect of kojic acid on immune systems of mice damaged by gamma-irradiation Page:771—774
16. Effect of comprehensive intervention on mental health and sleep quality among crew members during Escort Mission in the Gulf of Aden Page:765—767
17. Design of an overall health and epidemic protection system during joint operations Page:762—764
18. Lessons from the U.S.medical support training in RIMPAC-2014 Page:755—757
19. Physiologic function of SENP1:research progress Page:805—807
20. Progress in interleukin 24 gene engineering protein Page:797—801
21. Current situation and development of epidemic surveillance in PLA Page:790—793
22. Construction of high altitude military medicine digital library based on Web 3 .0 Page:787—789
23. Visualization research in chronic fatigue syndrome based on mapping knowledge domain Page:781—786
24. Application value of real-time three-dimensional echocardiography in diagnosis of structural heart disease Page:773—776
25. Effect and mechanisms of aspirin on rat cardial fibroblast proliferation induced by aldosterone Page:765—768
26. Effect of cold-sensitive channel activity induced by cold air on expression of inflammatory cytokines in rat lungs Page:759—764
27. Establishment of an orthotopic transplantation model of osteosarcoma labeled with three reporter genes Page:755—758
28. Construction and preliminary study of biological functions of O157∶H7 typeⅢsecre-tion system effector NleF gene knockout mutant Page:747—750
29. Generation of RNase L knockout cell lines by CRISPR/Cas system Page:742—746
30. Rapid automated analysis method of flow cytometry data Page:736—741
31. Design of miniaturized nucleic acid amplification system for spot rapid detection Page:731—735
32. Behavioral effects of early-life social isolation on adult rats Page:791—794,822
33. Alteration levels of IL-17 and IL-19 inflammatory factors among deadaptation personnel from the plateau Page:768—770,779
34. Human performance modification:an emerging opportunity for military medicine Page:758—761,790
35. Advances in recombinase polymerase amplification Page:802—804,807
36. Caenorhabditis elegans:an model organism for gut flora-host interactions research Page:794—796,801
37. Clinical effect of percutaneous intraluminal radiofrequency ablation combined with biliary stenting and biliary stenting alone in the treatment of malignant obstructive jaundice Page:777—780,793
38. Effect of dietary fat acids on incretin and islet function Page:769—772,786
39. Effect of TMP combined with cisplatin on expression of Mac2-BP and VEGF in Lewis lung cancer mice Page:751—754,764