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Volume: Issue: 1

1. Foreign military specialized medicament:advances in pharmaceutical formulation research Page:70—73
2. Analysis of operators knowledge of eletromagnet in complex electromagnetic environ-ments:a preliminary investigation Page:57—61
3. Single-nucleotide polymorphisms in DNA repair genes APE1 and XRCC1 and suscep-tibility to hepatocellular carcinoma and their correlation with sensitivity of platinum chemotherapy in HCC Page:48—52
4. Functions of gene phoN1 in Shigella flexneri 2a:preliminary study Page:35—38
5. Preparation and identification of Env-pseudotyped subtype B HIV-1 Page:31—34
6. Theory and practice regarding risk assessment of public health emergencies in Armed Forces Page:10—13
7. Human enhancement technology and its military applications and impacts Page:6—9
8. Intertrochanteric femoral fractures:a comparison between DHS and PFNA in efficacy Page:67—69
9. Nitrogenous chemical constituents of Weiceng Page:62—66
10. Construction of eukaryotic expression vector of E4F1 and interactions between E4F1 and p53 Page:53—56
11. Expression and activity identification of recombinant human stanniocalcin 1 Page:39—43
12. CBLB502 Protects mice radiation pneumonitis and pulmonary fibrosis Page:26—30
13. Effect of DHA-PC on improvement of mouse sleep Page:22—25
14. Metformin attenuates behavioral impairment in a rat model of dementia induced by high fat diet Page:17—21
15. Medical evacuation systems during UN peacekeeping operations Page:14—16
16. Major advances in military medicine-related life sciences in 2013 Page:1—5
17. Design and development of management information system for bacteria (virus) preservation Page:64—67
18. Design and implementation of a military disease prevention and control website Page:60—63
19. Bioinformatics study on human miRNA-Ebola virus interaction Page:6—11
20. Major advances in military-related life sciences in 2014 Page:1—5
21. Progress in algorithms of microorganism detection based on high throughput sequencing data Page:71—74
22. Discussion on the necessity of construction of military pharmacy Page:68—70
23. Development of a micro-circumstance airtight cabin for bioaerosol testing Page:52—55
24. HPLC methods for analysis of related substances and their content in dexmethyl-phenidate hydrochloride sustained-release pellets Page:48—51
25. Sensitive surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy detection of thiram based on hybrid substrate Page:44—47
26. Knockdown of PES1 inhibits tongue squamous cell cancer cell growth Page:40—43
27. Involvement of MRE11 in inflammasome activation:a preliminary research Page:36—39
28. Recognition of environmental estrogen-like compounds based on fluorescent imaging analysis of ERα-EGFP nuclear granules formation Page:12—17
29. Extraction of fish scale collagen and its thermal stability:research progress Page:75—78
30. Research progress in radiation-induced organ fibrosis Page:74—78
31. Effect of YAP1 on erlotinib-resistance in lung adenocarcinoma cells Page:35—39
32. An empirical study on medical selection of flying cadets regarding genu varum and genu valgum between PLAAF and USAF Page:24—26
33. An empirical study on medical selection of flying cadets regarding lumbar spondylol-ysis and scoliosis between PLAAF and USAF Page:20—23
34. An empirical study on medical selection of flying cadets with ear diseases between PLAAF and USAF Page:16—19
35. An empirical study on medical selection of flying cadets with arrhythmia between PLAAF and USAF Page:12—15
36. Comparison of recruitment standards for cadet pilots between PLAAF and USAF Page:7—11
37. Evolution of forms of warfare promoted by modern biotechnology Page:1—6
38. Point-of-care testing technologies and their application in the detection of infectious pathogens Page:70—73
39. Evolution of U.S.mobile medical care units on battlefield from mobile army surgical hospitals to forward surgical teams Page:67—69
40. Bibliometrics and visualized analysis of plague research literature Page:60—66
41. Performance verification and field applicability evaluation of biochemical modules in field POCT system(type A) Page:55—59
42. Lentivirus-mediated knockdown of human E6 AP inhibits gastric cancer cell prolifera-tion and migration Page:51—54
43. Roles of Tim-3 in paraquat poisoning induced acute inflammatory response Page:45—50
44. Activity identification of Streptococcus suis suilysin inducing platelets aggregation Page:40—44
45. Analysis of regional difference in medical selection for teenager aviation school Page:31—34
46. An empirical study on medical selection of flying cadets with anal diseases between PLAAF and USAF Page:27—30
47. Immunogenicity of a recombinant chimeric antigen using Aβ1-15 epitope fused to a T helper epitope Page:44—47,52
48. Hydrogen sulfide regulates hepatic and renal injury induced by thioacetamide Page:26—29,55
49. Different combination of antioxidants:a comparative analysis of their antioxidant capabilities Page:22—25,51
50. Design of a medical device information collection system for mobile operating rooms Page:56—59,63
51. Myocardial protection of a novel histone deacetylase inhibitor against hypoxia injury Page:30—35,70