WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Traditional and Herbal Drugs> 2001> 32> 4

Volume: 32 Issue: 4

1. Advances in studies on anti-tumor activity of Cordyceps sinensis Page:373—375
2. Textual research of materia medica on Chinese-Tibetan medicine -Terminalia chebula, Terminalia billerica, Phyllanthus emblica Page:355—357
3. Comparison with differentiation of Ligusticum chuanxiong from its easily confusable Ligusticum sinense chaxiong Page:353—355
4. Distinction between Gastrodia elata and its four falsified specimens and determination of gastrodin by capillary electrophoresis Page:351—352
5. Relationship between leaf structures of Aloe L. and its anthraquinone content Page:347—350
6. Effects of astragaloside Ⅳ on myocardiac dynamics and cardiac function with normal and depressant cardiac function in rats Page:332—334
7. Determination of content of astragaloside A in Astragalus membranaceus powder for Page:312—314
8. Determination of ganoderic acid B in different parts of Ganoderma lucidum Page:310—312
9. Quantitative determination of contents of flavone glycosides in Chrysanthemum morifolium Page:308—310
10. Studies on biopharmacy of ultra-fine particles of Atractylodes lancea, Phellodendron chinense and a pill composed of the two drugs Ⅰ. Characterization by scanning electron microscopy Page:306—308
11. Studies on chemical constituents of Buddleja lindleyana Page:296—299
12. Isolation of alkaloids and structure elucidation of lehmannine from Page:293—296
13. Isolation and identification of lipide from Setaria italica Ⅰ Page:291—293
14. Nucleosides from Anthopleura stell Page:289—291
15. Inhibitory effects of total flavones of Metasequoia glyptostroboides on experimental cardiac hypertrophy and expression of c-Fos protein in ventricle Page:329—332