Volume: 29 Issue: 5

1. Study on Fap1 glycosylation and maturation regulating by ORF3 coded by fap1-orf4 gene locus of Streptococcus parasanguis Page:460—465
2. Study on the effects of heat and ultraviolet fight radiation on hepatitis C virus JFH-1 strain inactivation Page:438—442
3. Study on the relationship between polymorphism sites of IRF5 and SLE patients in Shandong Han population Page:416—419
4. The relationship between TNF-αγ, IFN-γ and intestinal mucosal permeability in DSS-induced colitis and its effect by balsalazide Page:395—399
5. Study on the relationship between erythromycin sensitivity and ermB gene in Ureaplasma urealyticum Page:472—475
6. Continuous surveillance of antimicrobial resistance among gram-positive coccus from 1999 to 2006 at Beijing Chaoyang Hospital Page:468—471
7. Helicobacter pylori VacA up-regulates secretion of macrophages by activating nuclear factor kB Page:454—459
8. The analysis of 5 HIV-1 gpl20 sequences from different clades and expression of their corresponding proteins in vitro Page:424—430
9. Study on the association of 3'UTR polymorphisms of NRAMP1 gene with susceptibility to tuberculosis in Uighurs Page:420—423
10. Pol-specific T lymphocyte responses in Chinese HIV-1 recombinant subtype B/C infectors at different stages of diseases Page:407—410
11. The role of co-stimulatory molecules CD28/B7 in abnormal T cells activation in acquired aplastic anemia Page:389—394
12. Preparation of recombinant human metapneumovirus expressing green fluorescent protein Page:443—448
13. Phosphoproteomic analysis of differential expression of AGS cellular proteins in response to Helicobanter pyiori infection Page:449—453
14. Construction of recombinant adenoviras expressing RSV F gene Page:431—437
15. Detection of circulating Toll-like receptor 2 and 4 and CD4 + CD25 + regulatory T cells in patients with HBV-related liver cirrhosis Page:411—415
16. Functional analysis of Leptospira interrogans sphingomyelinase hemolysin genes and their transcriptional level alterations in the infected host cells Page:400—404