WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Medical Equipment Journal> 2017> 38> 6

Volume: 38 Issue: 6

1. Application value analysis of 5S management for instrument nurses in ENT department Page:152—155
2. Application of remote monitoring in cardiology Page:144—146
3. Problems and countermeasures for after-sale service of medical equipment Page:141—143,157
4. Security analysis and preventive measures of single medical oxygen cabin Page:138—140,149
5. Application of big data in medical equipment management Page:135—137
6. Development and application of second-generation medical shelter of the PLA Page:132—134,137
7. Development and application of medical equipment maintenance management module Page:150—151,155
8. Reduced risks in using operating room devices by three-dimensional management mode Page:147—149
9. Present status of oxygen supply devices for high altitude parachuting at home and abroad Page:128—131
10. Frontiers of modern radiotherapy techniques in management of breast cancer after breast-conserving surgery Page:124—127
11. Accuracy evaluation of CyberKnife system Page:121—123
12. Rapid test of heavy metal cadmium content in rice of some region by X-ray fluorescence spectrometer Page:118—120
13. Effects of position shift and dose adjustment on pass rate of IMRT dose verification Page:115—117,123
14. Value of ultrasound elastography in diagnosis of thyroid microcarcinoma Page:112—114
15. Difference between dynamic electrocardiogram and routine electrocardiogram for diagnosing asymptomatic myocardial ischemia Page:109—111
16. Application value of CT perfusion imaging combined with CT angiography for pathogenesis determination and diagnosis of transient ischemic attack Page:105—108
17. Application value of TRANCE technology in lower limb arterial occlusive disease Page:101—104
18. Value of three-dimensional SPACE sequence on analysis of sinus tarsi ligament of ankle Page:98—100,104
19. Influence of early involvement of rehabilitation treadmill on function recovery after total hip arthoroplasty Page:94—97
20. Usefulness of different-b-value diffusion-weighted imaging in early cerebral infarction Page:91—93
21. Application of informatized blood glucose management system to diabetes patient outside hospital Page:87—90
22. Design and application of picture archiving and communication systems Page:83—86
23. Construction of Palm Shengjing Hospital App and its application in infection outpatient department Page:79—82
24. Transaction log and its analysis applied to hospital information security Page:77—78,82
25. Design and implementation of remote medical consultation system for integrated civil-military uses Page:74—76
26. Development of medical equipment purchase and audit supervision system Page:71—73
27. Scheme of hospital information network based on power cat technology Page:67—70
28. Design and implementation of stem cell sample inventory information management system Page:62—66
29. Development of new type of lumbar puncture needle Page:56—58
30. Design and implementation of X-ray diagnosis simulation training system based on field X-ray diagnostic vehicle Page:53—55
31. Design and application of neonatal nasogastric fixation mount Page:51—52,97
32. Energy calibration and electrical system design of HK.ESWL-008 child extracorporeal shock wave lithotripter Page:46—50
33. Development of medical equipment positioning management system Page:41—45
34. Research on slotting optimization of medical devices warehouse in class A tertiary hospital Page:36—40
35. Control optimization methods and practice on medical proton and heavy ion synchrotron cooling water system Page:33—35
36. Design of interlocking-style vascular shunt device and its in vitro experiment Page:30—32,70
37. Vessel analysis of diabetic retinopathy based on image segmentation Page:27—29,40
38. Preparation and evaluation of fluorescent carbon dots (CDs) and CDs based immunofluorescence probe Page:22—26
39. Design of modular two-direction scalpel handle with easy assembly and disassembly Page:17—21,26
40. Texture features based on high-order derivative maps for differentiation of bladder cancer Page:12—16
41. Research on regularization matrix construction in electrical impedance tomography Page:7—11,16
42. Study on isotropic elasticity reconstruction algorithms for magnetic resonance elastography Page:1—6
43. Development and application of holding mechanism for drainage bag Page:59—61