WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Medical Equipment Journal> 2017> 38> 5

Volume: 38 Issue: 5

1. Study on military-civilian metering of medical equipment Page:123—125
2. Research and practice on secondary inventory management in stomatological hospital Page:141—144
3. Discussion on performance testing techniques of non-invasive automated sphygmomanometer (oscillometry) Page:132—134,137
4. Equipment development for medical care and evacuation at sea Page:129—131
5. Establishment and application of centralized purchase and distribution mode for medical instruments Page:126—128
6. Abnormal results analysis and quality control of biological monitoring by pressure steam sterilizer Page:110—112
7. Study on feasibility of ATP bioluminescence technology applied to disinfection quality monitoring of flexible endoscope Page:107—109
8. Radiation evaluation of interventional diagnosis and treatment devices in hospital Page:99—102
9. Comparison of different models of Sysmex hematology analyzers used for red blood cell count and related parameters Page:95—98
10. Value of improved photography position for post-operative evaluation of proximal humeral fracture Page:92—94
11. Clinical values of nuclear magnetic resonance and B-ultrasonography in diagnoses of gynecological pelvic tumors Page:89—91
12. Comparison of values of iDose4 iterative reconstruction and filtered back projection reconstruction for coronary CT angiography Page:79—81,91
13. Anterior cruciate ligament injuries in knee joint: consistency analysis on 1.5T MRI versus arthroscope Page:76—78,85
14. Information sharing of delivery specimen clinical laboratory results in hospital Page:73—75
15. Design and application of intelligent material cabinet system in department Page:63—65,69
16. Web-based early warning management and application of EMRS crossplatform medical insurance expenses Page:59—62
17. Design and development of pathway management system for nucleusrelated special service recuperation Page:56—58,62
18. Medicine packaging improvement based on PAP shelter hospital requirements Page:29—31,35
19. Design of simulated maritime rescue training platform Page:22—24
20. Development of rapid decompression equipment ejected by air pressure in low-pressure chamber Page:18—21
21. Development of liquid bandage used for emergency care of war wound Page:14—17,28
22. Preliminary study on touch screen VDT operation musculoskeletal injuries and design implications Page:9—13,24
23. Research on standardized management of quality control for medical equipment Page:138—140,144
24. Interpretation of standards on training and evaluation of urine analyzers in grass-roots medical unit Page:135—137
25. Research progress and application of wearable health monitoring items based on soft sensor technology Page:118—122,128
26. Dosimetric study of intensity modulated direct aperture optimization radiation therapy for testicular seminoma Page:103—106
27. Applied value of susceptibility-weighted imaging in acute ischemic stroke Page:86—88,98
28. CT and MRI features analysis of pineocytoma: Report of 6 cases Page:82—85
29. Application of Windows presentation foundation to medical data access and printing Page:70—72
30. Development of distributed HIS architecture based on C/S structure Page:66—69
31. Design of hospital appointment registration process based on WeChat public platform Page:53—55
32. Discussion on ultrasound imaging workstation and network transmission system based on DICOM Page:48—52
33. Design and application of auxiliary recovering device after retinal detachment operation Page:45—47
34. Design and application of new type of humidification fluid dropping joint for breathing machine Page:42—44,47
35. Development of ultrasonic frostbite treatment instrument Page:39—41
36. Study on the pulsed electromagnetic fields promoting cure of plateau stress ulcer Page:36—38
37. Application of fault tree analysis in innovation to electrical system of SL-IE radiotherapy simulator Page:32—35
38. Improvement of instrument for preparation of medical patch material Page:25—28
39. Design of test phantom for MRI clinical quality control Page:4—8
40. Study on air pressure changes in negative-pressure isolation capsule during casualty transport Page:1—3,8
41. "Discussion on ""Microcomputer Principle and Interface Technology"" course in military medical university based on SPOC mode" Page:152—155
42. Discussion of training qualified clinical engineer Page:150—151,155
43. Analysis and countermeasures of utilization rate of large equipment in medical university Page:147—149
44. Calculation method design for dynamic capability usage rate of medical equipment Page:145—146,149